Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-10]

About 5 minutes after I heard it…:joy::joy:


Wow that looks so tiny… :grin:

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You can’t say that about a mans toy! giggle


Yes, I’d never seen one of the new ones in person. But if It works well, then thumbs up.

Roon needs more all in one endpoints little endpoints, imho

What are the color choices?


It was too late, it just happened :joy_cat::roll_eyes:


Yes I agree with that, and at all price points as well.

The photos in the marketing do not do it’s true size justice. Unless of course Kevin is a giant and that bed side table is sized for a giant

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Yes I had a starring role in Land of the Giants…showing my age now!

It’s a lot smaller than any literature makes you think but it’s heavy, about 10 lb.

Only colour choices are this, Iconic White or Matte Black


What are the space requirements for behind the device for base control?

Lovely looking device

Really just enough room to plug in the two wire figure 8 power cord and the Ethernet cable.
But they are inboard a little so really no more room than the “egg” itself takes up.
And I think it does WiFi too but I always intended to run it wired.
I did try Bluetooth from my phone and that worked very well too.

Of course I don’t think I would want to pay full retail at $1200. That’s a bit steep especially if you did want to go for a stereo pair, $2400 gets you a lot of other options.
Sure looks funky though!

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How much genuine Bass is delivered and do they have the option of a wireless Sub.

I have seen plenty of adverts for them, but never been interested enough to dig further.

Bass is remarkable, they state it goes down to 18hz!
Not sure about that but it definitely has bass you can genuinely feel.
Obviously it’s not as defined as my big rig but pretty stout and very listenable.
As an all round single small form factor package it’s quite something.


Umh….that’s what she said…:slight_smile:


Sorry to show my ignorance but, who makes it?

Mine is the Devialet Phantom 600-95db.
The smallest cheapest model in their line.

Phantom II 95 dB White (

Thanks. I’m familiar with the brand but didn’t recognize the one you have.

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As I suspect many of us did, I got rid of all my vinyl in the early '90s when CDs were the “new kid on the block”. I got back into vinyl two years ago, which has been a really gratifying experience. At this point I am totally into tubes.

ROON Nucleus
PrimaLuna Evo 100 tube DAC
PrimaLuna Evo 300 Tube integrated
Manley Chinook (tube) phono-pre
VPI Super Prime Scout (from Upscale Audio)
Hanna ML
Sonus Faber Sonetto II
Sonus Faber Gravis II (sub)
Focal Clear

Looking to upgrade speakers in the near future.


My man!

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Thank you, sir. I must say I have spent many an enjoyable hour in this room.


Very nice and clean setup. What is your audio rack?