Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2024]

Now that I have the entire house all to myself (kicked the ex and her dumb son out a few months back), I pulled out my old faithful AV123 (GR-Research) X-Statik’s with their fully upgraded crossovers and No-Rez, the Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) that I only used for a couple months before upgrading to the Auralic Altair G1 in the main system, the old faithful APC H15 that I’ve had for years, and a little S.M.S.L AO200 integrated amp (50w x 2 @ 8 ohms).

I got this little setup running in the master bedroom. Man, I forgot how good these X-Statik’s sound tonality wise and how they image with a deep and wide sound stage. Will definitely be doing some tweaking as time goes on.


Finished up my surround sound system in the living room last week with the addition of Bowers & Wilkins 702 S3’s for the Front. My local AV shop offered a 25% discount and I couldn’t pass that up. Its been a long time coming.

The 702 S2s that had been in front moved to the rear position and the old 600 series rears replaced the bookshelf’s on the side surrounds. So B&W towers all around in the roughly 24 by 17 space.

The S3s are a very noticeable step up from the S2s with the trickle down tech from the 800 series, Tweeter and Midrange, and the down firing bass port.

Finding myself enjoying Stereo now instead of surround all the time.


Also, I can’t resist. Here is the dryfit and test of my new stands and rack that I have been building.


I’ll get photos uploaded next week. Just lost my mom and a close friend, prepping for 2 funerals with 2 executor estate issues this week. I took a short break to post about the speakers.


Oh, no. I am so sorry to hear. Take care.


I’m sorry for your loss Mike.


I am so sorry. My deepest sympathies.


I am sorry for your loss. Take care


Sorry to hear your news Mike, remember the good times…:pray:t3:


Is it a chest to put the other half when they don’t approve of your speakers :wink:

My deepest sympathies at this difficult time @Mike_LC :pray:

I have several Tivoli Audio Model One radios. They are quite nice!

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Here’s a major switch-up to my normal system… Chinese knock-off clone stuff!

A BRZ Hifi Mark Levinson JC-2 preamp clone, Tara Labs locking RCA ISM Onboard interconnect clones, Tara Labs The One power cable clones, and even a single Kharma power cable clone. Clone stuff one of my brothers likes playing around with just for fun in one of his systems.

The only REAL piece of kit here other than the streamer, conditioner and speakers is the NuPrime STA-9 amp. This is one of the two that I sold years ago to one of my other brothers. I now have both of them back (borrowing them) for a bit so I can play around with gear and such in this room/system.

Surprisingly, the preamp is rather solid and heavy, gets rather warm considering it’s supposed to be running in Class A. It’s a stout unit. And shockingly, all of the cables are quite decent and of actual quality. They sure do have all the details done down to a “T”, that’s for sure.

The important thing here is, the sound has vastly improved over the little SMSL AO200 integrated amp. An even deeper and wider sound stage, a lot more focused imaging, deeper, tighter, harder hitting, a lot better controlled bass, a fuller midrange, and a smoother yet still extended top end.

Of course, I’m sure 90% is due to the NuPrime amp alone. Though I do remember my brother swapping out a Rotel RC-1572 MkII preamp for this BRZ JC-2 clone and this little preamp sounding considerably better. Just an overall more refined sound throughout. And that’s what I’m hearing now, so who knows.

Anywho, some pics…


Focal Kanta no 2 (with a pair of Focal Clear on top) powered by Lyngdorf TDAI 3400; a Magnetar UDP 800 positioned above the Nucleus.

Inside the cabinet a NAS and network switch (150 foot flat Cat 6 cable) and general cable spaghetti.

Oh yeah, and a Fosi LC30 next to the Lyngdorf just for fun :upside_down_face:


Wonky speakers! I like

Me too, until they started making CD players, that was it for me

Haha! Isn’t that on the menu for most of us? :sweat_smile:


Visitor in the house. My Dan D’Agostino Progression is back to the distributor for adjustment on the volumecontrol. My dealer placed a Aurender AP20 for the time being.
Great sound but not as “punchy” as my Dan. And not Roon ready which make me realize how much more fun it is to use Roon instead of the Aurender app. Which is not user friendly even after fiddling around for over a week.


I optimized my Roon setup. Volumio Lineo5 power source, Raspberry Pi 5 with DAC Pro, iPad mini 6 with LAN connection, Roon ROCK on Intel NUC 11, Sonos Port feeding the Sonos S2 system. Sonos Five 1 gets audio via Aux input, so now, it is also Roon Ready. As mentioned, most of the hardware was bought at car boot sales, so the result was very budget-friendly, but the sound is superb. I just love it!


would consider trading my speakers for your cat (wife said) :wink: