Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

Cat toys in my case. No stinkin’ kids in this house.

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Devialet Phantom Premier (Classic) Glossy 103dB: stereo setup photos

Hi all. It’s been an interesting few weeks dealing with Devialet. I ordered a pair of refurbished Phantom Premier Glossy 103dB to set up in 2-channel stereo. One arrived with a dent in one woofer, and was replaced by Devialet no questions asked. There were audio dropout issues (they sounds like “burps”) I wasn’t able to solve without going direct optical mode, which suits my set up just fine. I didn’t have such issues with a pair of Reactor 900 (Phantom II 98dB) in stereo.

Anyway, now that I had them working 100% I spent time with placement, and thought I’d share some photos as they may help with placement in your listening space. Of course every room is different, however the following could be considered a basic starting point.

Phantoms are about 1 foot from the front wall and toed-in towards the main listening position. They are approx 7.5ft apart and approx 9ft from the main listening position. The open archway behind lets them breathe without affecting bass. If no archway they may need to be further than 1 foot from the front wall in your space to get the best sound. They sound good closer to the wall if you’ve no option, but I found the sound opens up when further away from the front wall. I also use digital room correction with sofas, cushions and carpeting acting as physical room correction.

I really enjoy this setup.



Awesome sauce!
I can only imagine how good they sound owning a pair of the baby 95db Phantoms.

I am very pleased with them so they have to be stunning.

The baby phantom reactors you mention are impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed mine for the two years that I had them as my main source. In a smallish room you don’t really need the full size phantoms.

Nice set up! How do you like that Volume control? I wish I could add one to my system…love the idea!


The nuimo remote is awesome @DrCWO !!

You should be able to add one if you’re running rooncore somewhere in your system

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…and for now, twilight capers or, the foot foto :relaxed:


Ahh, foliage. One of the Universe’s better extrusions. Feet, not so much.


But the socks nearly match the foliage :grin:


Diggin the wall treatments. Faux finish, wall paper…do tell.

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It’s four different colours of paint (not so obvious with the blue lights) with top coats applied with a “doctored” sponge. I did it in a rare moment of creativity.


I never had the guts to get that adventitious. Always wimped out and went roller and brush. Looks great, especially if that is not your profession. I figured hand applied…but by a pro.

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I’m flattered :joy:
It’s a very safe adventure, if it doesn’t look good you just paint over it & start again.

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That is exactly me fear. I very much dislike painting to begin with. The thought of doing it twice :grimacing:

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In that case you are doomed to expensive painters & decorators or even worse, designers / decorators. I’d volunteer but the cost of flights is horrendous :wink::flushed:


but the carpet does not match the drapes.


Aaaah! but if you look at the daylight photos you’ll see there are Red & Amber highlights which are in keeping with the rugs. The rugs all have various shades of blue & red :wink:

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Looks like you’ve got some serious “toe-in” (seriously) with your setup. Does the manufacturer recommend that?

Secondly, my one superpower is that I can physically make a paintbrush move away from my hand when I reach for one. Lucky me.

You have a wonderful system. Enjoy.

Nice room :+1: I worked in colour physics for many years. Perhaps your day and night photos are having a metameric episode. Sorry, metamerism is my favourite word ever :sunglasses:


The answer is yes, the full details are found at:-

But the shape of the cabinets probably exaggerate the image a little, not forgetting the use of a 13mm lense which also distorts the image.

Decorating is an occasional necessity, the money I save gets spent on the HiFi :relaxed: