Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

What’s the bird, breeding in your bookshelf?

As far as I know, there is only one extant bird that lays such large eggs, an ostrich.

And they’re in! My little Roon heaven is (almost) complete!

Innuos Zen Mini MK3 (+LPSU) as Music Server and Roon Bridge - RME ADI-2 DAC (fed by Mad Scientist Black Magic USB) - Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 (fed by Cardas Audio Crosslonk XLRs) - KEF LS50 Metas (Chord ShawlineX Speaker Cables)

Focal Clear MGs, HiFiMan Sundaras, AKG Q701s with custom cables by Marco Patruno.

I’m happy :blush: :musical_note::heart:


It is best to not have the books and L.P. Covers perfectly aligned to improve diffusion.

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I read a novel a week on average and have thousands of books that I have read already in a room that is basically shelves full of both books and records.
I started a what are you reading thread not that long ago, which is not that busy so maybe you are right on the point that not many read.




That is correct. The current state is a compromise with my wife since our bookshelves are already full in other rooms and we haven’t cleaned out yet.

They even seem to sport a cuckoo in their logo - wouldn’t that be an inspiration for @Graeme_Finlayson ?


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Hello guys!

I worked on the speaker placement and the toe-in. I put them like that, what do you think:

I can feel more volume, more presence and more lively bass. This is maybe placebo effect but I swear I can feel an improvement in SQ! Very impressive, actually.

I’ll work on the rug and some sound panel to put above the sofa. Anyone got suggestions?


I have a GIK panel that I place in front of my TV when listening to music which helps with the imaging as well as a panel behind my head, also on the same wall either side of me are record racks from floor to ceiling.

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If I remember correctly the distance speaker to sofa (and the wall directly behind your head) is rather small. In total you have many highly reflective surfaces (front and rear wall, tiled floor). TBH some damping of those would probably have a more significant effect than toe-ing in. Focus should be the wall behind you. There are lots of nice looking acoustic panels.

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Looks good, and if it sounds and feels good - mission accomplished! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, everything else still good. Especially the sound. The driver donˋt seem to have suffered from age. I‘m not sure how these 801 of the 80ies really compare to the later 801. But I‘m very content with the sheer naturalism they render the music.
What makes them sing are the Spectron Musician III MK2 monoblocks. I hope they last long since the company doesn‘t exist anymore and servicing or repairing them is hardly possible.

Subtle and big position changes in distance to listening position, distance between speakers and angle of speakers often make subtle or bigger changes in eg soundstage depth and width.
For me from my listening position, i have never, with any of my speakers, seen the outer side of the speakers. That was never a good sounding position.
In your photo I can still see the right side of the right speaker, but not the left side of the left speaker. Are they angled equally?
You can try toe-out a little more so that the right speaker is angled at 40 cm right of your listening position. And left speaker angled at 40 cm left of your listening position.

This image is from the Dynaudio Special Forty’s Owners manual.

This and this is what it looked like at my place. The current Buchardt S400 MK2’s are toed-out even more (not in photo)


No 1, you have to liked. You should play around and see. Nobody has your room, system and ears. And never stop. I try once a month or two to move the speakers. Then take a photo, write the distances and give points for whatever is important for you (different frequencies, different songs, etc).
No 2, I would make 2 configurations, one for background listening with the speakers close to the wall (or in the position that they are now), and one for listening where I would pull your speakers even more. Here is a aprox what I have (but I’m not happy :slight_smile:) I do not know how to change the drawing to show the toe-in. Drawing is from REW Room Simulation window (I just started with it).
Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 21.32.35
No2. Rug and pictures at your choice :slight_smile:

True for me also. I would try to point them a little bit behind your ears, now they look like they are right pointing at your ears

Hope it helps, have fun.

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Agreed I can see just a little of the inside of my speakers and none of the outside of them.
It does depend on the dispersion characteristics of your particular speakers.
Buy a chesky test disk as it has tracks for checking speaker placements.
Here is one of the ones I have as an example.


For speaker placement alternatively I can recommend two system test downloads from 2xHD:

Available in several HighRes FLAC or DSD formats e.g. at


I always find that placing a good looking female between my speakers makes them sound much better.


Well to be quite honest, I don’t think sound panels above the sofa will help you. Your sofa is positioned right up against the wall so you will likely have a massive bass node at your listening position. The carpet could help with some first stage reflections. But your main problem will prolly be muddy and woolly bass. My advice is to try and relocate your listening position away from that wall, if that’s not possible you probably will have the best results by applying a room correction filter (for example by using REW). There is a great tutorial on how to do that successfully on these boards.