Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

Nice gear. And looks fantastic. Only thing I would want is a night-time picture :slight_smile:


Ahh, there’s the speakers :+1:t2: Is the baseball an audiophile tweak? Don’t keep it a secret from us :wink:
Really nice system, lots of hard surfaces. I’ve got a room that has the same issue.

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Luxman, Lumin, Focal :musical_score: :+1:


Ever since I got into stereo gear as a youngster…I’ve always been in love with those McIntosh BLUE lights…it’s sort of their trademark! Simply lovely!


like my friend’s wife said: if you’re going to spend a fortune on that stuff it might as well look expensive.


Nice to see setups without the obligatory sound destructive Telly.

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my roon/headphone rigs.
AQ Niagara will make way for another Lab12 Gordian. hoping to add a Grimm MU1 or Wavedream NET in the near future, and reduce the box count (lumin, lps, Sotm txusbultra).


Love those speakers PMC rock

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It really pulls the room together


The bespoke made amp and preamp makes them sing​:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

a rack that pretty needs a turntable.


Like a fish needs a bicycle :wink:


That’s just wrong :rofl:………funny but wrong :shark::blowfish::fish::tropical_fish:

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I once contemplated venturing into that side of audio, but decided against it… streaming is just way too convenient. I was also talked out of it by quite a few audio friends who owned turntables…


Like many, I too have come within inches of adding a vinyl rig, but have (thankfully) reasoned myself to finally put a nail in that venture :slight_smile: Not because vinyl wouldn’t be fun, it would be, its really about the addtl $ and TIME. For ME, I just don’t have the desire to go down that huge rabbit hole. The digital rabbit hole is big enough!

However, one thing that does come up often is the convenience of streaming (local or stream services), which it is, but that can also be a detriment at times.

Many vinyl aficionados comfort “zen” is the very act of its physical nature and the routine of getting up turning it over, handling the media, liner notes etc… vs click, click on a screen. Which can be just a bit too easy if one is not careful, e.g. listening through the entire album and actually getting into and understanding the purpose of why the artist made that album. Not clicking through 100’s of random songs - which has its time and place - but that can at times, make for a rather stale / chaotic session IMHO.

Both formats are susceptible to stale “sessions”, but its usually more of a mood/mental state to begin with, IMHO


Exactly, at least for me, but also there’s a warmth to vinyl my psycho-acoustic imp doesn’t hear with digital.



Drifting off Showing (off) your…

interestingly, I’m trying to eliminate some brightness from my vinyl rig.

but there remains a natural sense of dynamics which is compelling, and which digital/streaming, in my system at least, can’t quite replicate.

plus the joy of getting up every twenty minutes to turn the record over.


Those JBL Array 1400’s are super collectable now. Never sell!!
I would love to hear the Array’s one day, apparently the vertical waveguides really provide amazing imaging.

Lovely speakers, with an outstanding bass driver too.

Someone needs to start a JBL/Roon lovers thread, I’m certain there are some amazing JBL’s owned by Rooner’s here. :wink:

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When I first heard them I was amazed, I was very pleased with my Dynaudio Contour S5.4 for more then 10years, will never sell them, but I wish to find a pair of 4367 that I also like, but they went up in price recently. So looking for a used pair. And yes a JBL thread would be very nice.