Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

The sad thing is she once saw the Arden’s and said ‘you could have got those they look nice’ after I had bought the eatons.

I covet the Turnberrys, but they may be too big for my space, positioning-wise. Probably the Sterings are a better fit.

Then there’s these -


A more traditional model

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Those are also awesome, in a 1930’s furniture way, but just as much out of my reach as the Kingdom Royals.

Maybe after this year’s drawdown from my IRA monies. :smirk:


Just saying

The have some vintage Buckingham too…

Extremely popular in tiny japanese homes powered by tubes and played softly.

A very odd article about tannoys.

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Whew, odd doesn’t start to describe that article. If only he talked about the speakers instead of, seemingly, everything else.

Still, thanks for the effort. I can’t find that many articles about any Tannoy.

No artifacting, just rediculous amounts of gain. Combined with a higher Vrms source you will rarely rotate the volume knob beyond “8 - 9 ‘o clock”. At least this is my experience for quite some PL integrated products combined with my 87dB efficient speakers.

I saw a pair of westminsters years ago and they are just huge. They would be my lottery win speakers, i cant afford their tiniest ones

never mind the westminsters.

By the way

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Ah, yes that’s somewhat true, but wouldn’t that depend on the speakers? I play mine at about 11 o’clock.

Still, I guess my response is , “So what”. Gain without distortion, how does that matter?

I don’t have any particular pride of ownership, so not trying to start a fight. A dissatisfaction with gain seems like a small thing to reject the equipment over.


Did you notice the room in one article. It looked like it was in a trailer, (a Caravan to you :slightly_smiling_face:).

Kingdoms at $80,000 a pair to $9300 on eBay is quite a drop, although I notice it’s only a bid.

I take that back. No Reserve and can be shipped anywhere. I am sorely tempted. Thanks for nothing. :smile:


True, I play with 87 dB efficient speakers which are not really sensitive. If I would have played with horns for example the volume knob would’t likely rotate beyond 7 o clock. This matters because at these volume regions it’s very hard to delicately control the volume with the remote. But also the blue alps potentiometer volume pot (which PL uses) is somewhat asymmetrical in the lower volume regions which in the case of the EVO 300 hybrid led to asymmetrical volume levels between the left and right speaker at 7-8 o clock positions.

Strangely, the PL Remote sucks. At least, mine is next to useless.


What is the matter with your remote?

I have to hit it against the side of my hand to get it to transmit and even then it’s useless unless I’m right in front of preamp and only a couple of feet away.

I tried to take it apart once, but I can’t figure out how it disassembles.

Sounds like you should replace the batteries. Remove the rubber rings and you will see 4 screws.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been trying to do, but I can’t get the rubber loose.

Now, that I know that’s definitely the way to do it, I’ll give it another try.


Purchased a somewhat mint JVC XL-V411 CD player. I say “somewhat” mint because once it arrived via FedEx, the display got knocked crooked, five plastic tabs got broken off, and the motorized volume was making noise, but not moving. I opened it up yesterday, disassembled more than half of it, and got everything straightened out (pun intended) and un-jammed the volume knob. Other than that, the unit is excellent, everything operates, it sounds amazingly good, has a coax output if I want to add a DAC at some point, the remote control looks almost new, and the manual is still sealed in its factory plastic sleeve from 1989.

I also swapped out the APC H15 power conditioner for the much older but totally mint Monster HTS 5000. Reason being that I think the APC might be on its way out. A couple of times in the past week or two, the system connected to it shuts down for a second then comes back on, yet the other half of the system at the front of the room is unaffected, nor is the computer (running Roon Core) and the modem remain on as well in the rear of the room.


Nice outdoor listening space in the UK. Thank you Greg C. for sharing.