Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

They do indeed. End game for me.

After many years of googling and wanting these bad boys, my planets and stars aligned, and my wish came true.

In due course, they will be put into a bigger room, but for now I’ve enjoyed having them in my working space. Believe it or not they actually work well in small spaces.


I’m getting very close to the end game. My new PreAmp is arriving in its new home on Thursday. That’s end game achieved on Amp, PreAmp, DAC & Speakers thank goodness!


What do you run?

Avondale NCC300 in a NAP200 DR case, arriving is the Avondale Graduation One Pre & PS, Holo Audio May KTE DAC and a pair of PMC Twenty 26’s. Sounds beautiful

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Lovely, combo. The Holo May is very nice.
I’ve always liked PMC also.
I particularly like the larger models like MB2 etc. Enjoy the new preamp.

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HaHa, just haven’t got £25K for a pair of MB2’s and they just wouldn’t fit aesthetically into my lounge environment. Nice though!

I’ve bought a pair of Harman Kardon Citation 1 Duo speakers a few weeks ago. I’ve paired them in the Google Home app as a stereo pair. And Roon uses the Chromecast connection to stream music to them in the living room. They sound really nice. I only have a small apartment, so they are doing a fine job.


One major improvement (cosmetic/visual more than anything else), I installed curtains on the front window, and removed both of those ugly garish homemade hillbilly looking things the previous owners threw up over the windows. Man I’m glad those are gone. I honestly don’t know why I waited nearly a year to remove them. Geeze, the 1st of next month it’ll be a full year!

Anyway, the curtains… I really don’t notice any difference in sound that I can tell yet, which I suppose is a good thing. They just make the room look a lot better, and the ceiling a bit taller. And of course the main goal, to make the window look centered on the wall instead of 7 inches to the right.


Now playing :slight_smile: GREAT SQ :slight_smile:


The new Avondale Graduation One PreAmp and power supply is in its new home. Now is it as good as a £20K 552? Time will tell, but it sounds bloody lovely straight out the box​:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:


And great looks… of it sounds as it looks…

I’m am amazed at the minimal amount of dust in this photo!

Everything usually looks great to the naked eye but then you take a photo of it and BAM! Where did all that dusk come from?

Nice Job!

I wouldn’t even attempt to take a photo of the cabinet my dacs and amps are in. :grimacing:

My Roon setup, eg:

Turntable Pro-Ject Debut Pro → Phono Preamplifier Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 Ultra

Streamer Lumin U2 Mini → DAC Denafrips Pontus II

→ Preamplifier Denafrips Hestia → Power Amplifier Denafrips Hyperion

→ Loudspeakers Buchardt Audio S400

All interconnects / cabling from AudioQuest.

Head-Fi Chord Mojo 2 / Chord Poly → IEM’s Campfire Audio Saber.

Impression of my listening / TV room.


Lovely Roon sorry room😁


Haha, thank you!

there was this guy in my neighborhood building a house. He had 1 concrete pile sticking up through the Livingroom floor to hold his turntable. What could be more stable, right? Every time heavy traffic passed by the needle jumped. There was a busstop on the block… So the massive concrete now holds a decorative chess set and the turntable is wall mounted on a bracket


Here in Albany, NY in the 1980’s, we had an oriental rug dealer named Peter Kermani who also ran a hi fi and record store. I was once told the rug in a listening room was worth more than the Quad/Conrad Johnson system I was listening to (don’t remember the high end CD player but it was the Inbal/Frankfurt Radio Symphony Mahler 7 I had brought in that I was listening to).

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Not surprising. I was shocked when I went shopping for rugs from India, Pakistan, Persia, etc. at “Aref’s Oriental Rugs” near me. They are amazing works of art. And once you understand the differences in material, knots, thickness and how they are made it is understandable. I’ve been 3 or 4 times and each trip it has been educational, fun…and expensive!

Cracks me up that we moved into a house with carpet. Paid to have the carpet removed and hard wood put in its place. Then we “needed” an area rug to cover the wood. And the rug cost more than the entire flooring project.

Hi-Fi and Rug dealer in one location. Man, that’s a license to print money if both the wife and husband are together on the shopping trip. :grin:


Clever Pet Guards on the speakers…are they Maggies? You must have cats…:wink:

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This is too funny! :joy: Everyone knows turntables need isolation from their surroundings, not coupling to the ground…

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