Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


My bedroom music setup…

Topping PA3 Class D amplifier

Topping DX3 Pro DAC + Headphones amp

ZOTAC fanless PC loaded with ROCK

Audio-Technica MSR-7 headphones

Mission LX-2 speakers with stands

LPS200 Linear Power Supply for ROCK and DAC
Topping SMPS power supply for power amp.

Playback from NAS and streaming, affordable setup. Hi-Res, up to 384k PCM and DSD256.

(Andrew) #1929


not mine, but i had the pleasure of listening to this lovely system late last night at the Tidal suite at CES. i’m typically not a fan of the mac sound (although i love the looks), but this sounded stunning, effortless, relaxed. source was a laptop running roon/tidal.

(Ged) #1931

Are the explorers as unusual as they look when they are fired up?

(Jeremy) #1932

IMHO, McIntosh C2600, C1000 and C1100 tube preamps all have stunning sound and with the some judicious rolling of tubes, these preamps are some of the best sounding gear you can find. McIntosh have always been great sounding although not the last word in resolution however lately they are hitting it out of the park in both resolution and great sound. A good tube preamp with solid state power amp is a great way to go, IMHO.

(Claire Fox) #1933

The Roonserver (build notes in /Linux is in place. Really lovely little box too.

(Evert) #1934

Lovely NuPro 60’s too :slight_smile:


Breaking in these new additions. Tannoy XT6F, happy birthday to me.

(Ged) #1936

Love a pair of Tannoys.
Heard/felt a pair of Westminsters at full roar many years ago, lottery win speakers.

(DSG) #1937

They should help blow out the candles :grinning:

Happy birthday.


Now they are pricey.


Really impressed with the new speakers made a huge difference. I think I was giving my setup a massive injustice before.

(Reader of the Internets) #1940

Happy birthday indeed! Like that whole integrated plinth thing. How heavy are they?


Surprisingly light. My old Qacoustics where way heavier. Plinth is wood so possible reason why they are lighter


Loudspeakers, room acooustics and above all loudspeaker/room integration make up for more then 90% off the quality of a playback chain, so I’m not suprised. Enjoy the music.

(BPT) #1943

Golden Ear Triton Reference Speakers
Roon: Mac Mini —>>>> OPPO UDP 205
Marantz AV 8802A + 8807 Amplifier


I dig GoldenEar speakers. I have a pair of Triton 5s. The References must be awesome.

Don’t you think you’ll get a better soundstage if you move the speakers a little more away from the walls and the credenza?

(BPT) #1945

Thanks for asking. I have spent in excess of 40 hours moving the T-Refs into position. Upgraded from the T1s in July. After break-in and nearly 40 hours of adjustments I thought I had them in place…but I was always missing something. although they sounded amazing out of the box. I had to lean forward, if you will, to get in the bubble of sweetness. Then I discovered that the right speaker needed to be placed about 3/4" further back than the left speaker. Makes no sense, but after this adjustment…it popped. And, I am truly astonished by the sound, the musicality! When you fire it up, and put on a track, lower the lights, and sit back…it literally sounds like the my room has been transformed. It’s like the air in the room changes and you are present at where the recording took place. Simply magical. Long winded answer, but in short, I hear what you are saying…I’ve had these puppies in every conceivable position for them to sound their very best with two channel audio and have settled on the present situation. Not sure why it’s like this (kind of goes against best practices), but to my ears…this is the spot! Cheers!

(BPT) #1946

I should also note that the picture is a bit deceiving. They are much further out from the back wall and credenza than they appear. That said, they are pretty close to the side walls, and yet sound absolutely amazing. I can literally listen for hours at a time and not get fatigued. Worth the upgrade, no doubt!

(Ged) #1947

They look very tall?