Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

Slava Ilyayev


I looked blown up version of you pic. What is the box with the big knob?

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It’s listed…

Hi @Knitman - that made me laugh this morning. I suspect, if it is down to the bottom left hand side of the rack, its the Musical Fidelity M6si amplifier as @wizardofoz says.

Hopefully this works!

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BAT VK32 with nos tubes
Sanders ESL
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Quad Quads = duo Sanders ESL?


Didn’t write it all down

Stacked Quad ESLs
Sanders ESL…single stereo amp
One of the few things other than an old school Krell that’ll run stacked parallel Quads without melting or shutting down

Also got a Quad 22/11 setup and a pair of WAD 300Bs and a Cary 300B Sei that don’t see much use currently


Yes that’s it. Thankyou kindly.

Yes I noticed what oz said but could hardly look it up since I didn’t know what it was. Hence my question.

Your slippers are not visible enough to see what state they are in.

I think we have the same centre speaker. My other speakers are 3xpairs of Silver8 floor standers and 2 Rel subs. I seriously doubted our hi fi man when he said our Yamaha subs were letting the system down. We Granted the system has changed much and for much better gear. We I gave in and took the Rels on the basis we could have them removed if we didn’t notice a difference. We did of course so we kept them.

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Great tuners! :star_struck:

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Thank you!

Oldies but Goldies

Beautiful sound quality

Also got a stereo Troughline and a Kenwood KT7500 hiding away …

I’d always wanted stacked Quads and when that opportunity arose they came home with me despite the size and positioning issues.

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Oh well, Allo Boss DAC HAT replaced with a TOPPING D50s, which, all measurements considered, should be my last DAC ever (famous last words… But anything that could degrade or colour the sound is now below audible levels)!

So, updated diagram…


I finally felt that I had something “post-able”. I got the GIK room treatments in a few days ago. That was money well spent. Everything became “cleaner” with a better stereo image and vocals are noticeably more realistic. The pictures are of the living room system.

The diagram includes all of the systems in the house . . .

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Homebuilt PC w/Roon Core


@Allan_Thornton, beautiful system and room. My GIK panels are due to be shipped August 12th and my Roon Nucleus is back ordered as well. Very glad the panels worked well for you. Thanks for posting.

Thanks, John!

I had to wait about 5 weeks for my GIK stuff to come in but it was definitely worth the wait. I have decided to replace the PC Roon core with the ROCK on a NUC. (Actually the PC works fine except it is noisy). Parts are on order for the NUC. . .

I would like to build a NUC but I really like the looks and size of the Nucleus. I will use it in my rack where the CD player is now, and on a separate small plinth with a very short USB cable.




Very nice system and setup!

I was on the verge of buying a Nucleus+ myself but I decided to try ROCK/NUC for a second time. The first time I was having all kinds of intermittent problems and Roon tech support couldn’t figure out the problem. I switched back to the PC which was rock solid and had no problems. I eventually re-purposed the NUC to a general purpose PC. At that point, I found out that I had some sort of hardware problem with the NUC itself - not Roon at all. That was a fairly long painful process. . . But seeing that the problems were not Roon induced, I’ll try the NUC once more.

Too high, “remove” the legs they sound better closer to the floor, and you’ll be able to add a third pair. Triple stacked 57’s really move the air :grinning:

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That is a drawback of ROCK. There are no diagnostics to let a user know if there is a hardware issue.