Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Dennis Waugh) #2179

Rock installed on Gigabyte Brix 5775R – 8Gb Ram – 32Gb mSata (OS) – 2Tb HDD (Music) + 2nd ethernet port. This is located in another room.

Fibre network bridge between Rock (2nd Ethernet port) and Roonbridge endpoint.

Roonbridge installed on Gigabyte Brix J1900 (WiFi and Bluetooth modules removed)- Win 10 (unnecessary Win 10 processes disabled) + ASIO driver. Powered by Anker 12v battery or HDPlex

UltraCap LPS1 Power supply

ISO Regen USB interface

Lampizator L4G5 Dac. Balanced + DSD512 upgrade.

HDPlex 100 Linear PSU

EAR V20 Valve amplifier

PMC Twenty5.23 Speakers

Woo Audio WA22 Headphone amp.

Audeze LCD-XC

Sennheiser HD800

Most music up sampled to DSD512 with HAF filters + crosstalk reduction applied.


Hey @denniswaugh you have some really nice components. I used to own the twenty.23. These speakers are able to reproduce a relatively large and realistic soundstage. Is it physically possible to optimize your speaker placement? If so I reckon your sound can be drastically improved.

(Rusty Miller) #2181

But first, “First Tube”. Then “Tube”.

(Dennis Waugh) #2182

Hi Anthro,
I’ve been a fan of PMC since I moved into this bungalow. Over the past 12 years I’ve had DB1i, GB1i and now the Twenty5.23 working well in this room.
Its a small room, 2.9m wide x 2.7m high x 3.7m long and its not feasible to locate the speakers anywhere else in the room.

I sit 2m from the speakers and the HAF filters are set-up for this arrangement.
It sounds excellent to my ears.

(Mark Johnson) #2183

Great to see another PMC user. Just fantastic speakers. That’s why so many recording studios and artists use them. I have mine paired up with Naim amplification and a Chord Electronics DAC. Their true sound reproduction always amazes me!

(Albert Jochems) #2184

WOW that’s a loooong time since I’ve seen these B&W 800! A collegue of mine when I worked at a HiFi shop during my study had them. Must have been late eighties. Pink Floyd never sounded quite like that again.

I do remember they where quite power hungry. My friend used a RGR preamp and Yamaha B2 power amp if I remember correctly.

It will be a challenging job for the Melody!

(Rusty Miller) #2185

Oh, it’s a stupid, ridiculous job for the Melody! Previous owner used 900 watts of high-current Bryston iron, and I’m powering them with 38. :thinking:

But somehow, it works better than you could imagine. The 800s are actually rated at 93dB sensitivity, and only dip to around 3.4 ohms at their most onerous. Subwoofers definitely are needed in my case, though, to establish the bottom end.

(James) #2186

Love the room, love the setup.

(Henry) #2187

Hi Anders, the THX AAA 789 is back on Massdrop, estimated delivery is May. Still $350 plus shipping to Europe ($12 to the UK).

(Anders Vinberg) #2188

THX AAA 789: I’m tempted to buy a few more, even though I have no need…

(Luke Boyce) #2189

Thanks so much!

(Rudy Taylor) #2190

This is a great setup. Just discussing this with my B&O showroom mgr yesterday. Are you using any other inputs on the 50’s?


The BeoLab 50 master is also connected via optical to my MacMini. This I used previously when I started with the BeoLab.
Then I used a BlueSound Node 2i streamer running Roon on the Macmini. The Node was connected via coax to the BeoLab.

Then I got a Nucleus, so I did not need the Node anymore, and the Nucleus uses USB which gives me Roon volume control of the BeoLab internal digital processing volume control.

So the BeoLab are also connected to the MacMini which I can use for music whenever Roon would become unavailable or for other streaming apps on the Mac.

The main music use now is via the Nucleus and USB to the BeoLab.

But I am still running Roon 1.5 holding upgrading off as long as possible until the big UI problems and other problems with Roon 1.6 are hopefully fixed.

So I cannot vouch for the correct functioning of Roon 1.6 in this Nucleus+BeoLab.


Now, if only they made an integrated amp as well… :grinning:


(Anders Vinberg) #2194

I liked it too, but I don’t get the same respect…


The mass drop for THX789 lasted a little less than two hours and sold (all) 461 units.
I happened to be up very early on the west coast when I got my email notification and literally jumped out of bed, ran to the computer and ordered.

(Nick Cassidy) #2196

Linn LP12, Basik Plus, AT VM530EN, SOtM sMS-200ultra, SOtM tX-USBultra, SOtM sPS-500, Audiolab M-DAC Plus, Naim NAC62 pre, Naim NAP140 power, Dali Rubicon 6, Monoprice 12AWG, Sennheiser HD600.

Sony KD-55XD7005 Android TV, Sony STR-DN1050 receiver, 5 Cambridge Audio Minx Min 22 satellites, Minx X201 sub, Intel NUC media PC (Win 10, Plex server, Sonarr, Radarr, SABnzbd, Deluge, Roon), QNAP NAS (TV, movie, video and lossless audio media libraries), Nvidia Shield Pro (Plex, Netflix, Amazon clients), Virgin Hub and Netgear Orbi wi-fi.

Chord, Naim, AudioQuest and SOtM interconnects. Separate Netgear network switch for NUC and sMS-200ultra.

Also in home office via Win10 PC and RME Babyface USB audio and to Win10 notebook using internal sound and bluetooth speaker.

(Sean) #2197

We don’t believe you @Nick_Cassidy … photos or it didn’t happen… :grin:

(Nick Cassidy) #2198

Sean2016 Photos, and a schematic!