Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Ian Robson) #2199

You really met the brief for this thread: showing off!! :joy:

(Jeff Lee) #2200

This might be a typical “hybrid” set-up, based around a dedicated two-channel system that has evolved over (too) many years! Boulder 1010 preamp, Boulder 860 power, Triangle Magellan Cello speakers, Marantz SA10 SACD player with DAC connectivity via coax and optical, Linn LP12, Ittok LVII arm, Clearaudio Davinci MC cartridge. Those items use balanced Boulder connections. Older units still used are Pure tuner and Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 headphone preamp with Sennheiser 650 phones. Recently installed: Bluesound Vault 2, Qobuz Sublime+ and Tidal, and Roon. Control via Lenovo V130 laptop (i5 processor, 256 MB RAM), Samsung Android tablet. Ethernet via Devolo 1200 Powerlink system. Also have a simple Bluetooth receiver One for All SV1820 for when chums come round, and some Chromecast Audios on this system, smaller system and TV amp.

(Zsolt) #2201

Hi Folks,

We’d like to show our Roon setup too.

(Remark: we bought an old house and we’re going to renew it, so the environment more than temporary.)

The listenin / living room is cc 21sqm.

Our main system are
-MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011) 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on SSD, only Roon, Plex and Kodi installed (Roon is configured to autostart)
-throught an AudioQuest Jitterbug and a DIY USB cable it’s connected to an Aqua La Voce S2 DAC
-it’s balanced output connected with a DIY XLR cable to a NAD S300 dual mono integrated amplifier
-…and it’s drive a pair of modified Jamo Concert 11 speaker throught a DIY bi-speaker cables
-ROCK running on a HP EliteBook 8460p (Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, SSD) located another room
-local media files stored on a Synology clone (cc 13TB) located another room
-Tidal HiFi subscription
-every component has it’s own static IP and connected throught a 100Mbits wire throught Cisco Catalyst series PoE-24 switch
-various iOS devices to control connected throught Cisco access points

We are happy with this setup, but our plan is to
-implement a Cisco Catalyst series 3750 switch to connect these devices
-replace the MacBook Pro to a transport (e.g. InnuOS) or an audio PC (linear PSU etc)
-create more zones after the renewal (e.g. for the terrace, headphone endpoints in the master bedroom, endpoints for kids rooms etc).


(Mikael Ollars) #2202

Lovely! I own a pair of Concert 8’s which are lovely speakers, and way underrated.

(Danny Dulai) #2203

what is that perforated metal sheet behind the laptop?

(Mike) #2204

Probably the heating.

(Ralph Pantuso) #2205

I’ve noticed quite a few turntables in people’s audio systems and many of them are sitting atop equipment racks, while at the same time I read about all kinds of linear power supplies and other power conditioners.

So my take away is that while the electrical signal must be free of all noise and other nasty things, acoustical vibration is not all that important or at least not important enough to make mounting a turntable on a dedicated shelf, which itself is mounted to the wall studs, a necessity.

Am I missing something here?

(Zsolt) #2206

Mike is right, that’s an old fashioned gas heating device there.

(Mark) #2207

Depends quite a bit on the deck’s suspension.

But sure, in a 100% ideal situation some kind of wall-shelf would be optimal.

(Ralph Pantuso) #2208

Same can be said about electrical power - depends on one’s utility company.

Nonetheless my point is that if one is going to extreme lengths to purify one’s electric current then shouldn’t one also take measures to remove as much mechanical vibration as possible? And a shelf mount for a turntable does just that. Maybe shelves are just to inexpensive, in audiophile economic terms.

(Mark) #2209

I replied to your comment about decks and suspension.

If you want to wittle on about mains conditioning that’s your prerogative. :smiley:

(Ralph Pantuso) #2210

So mechanical vibration just isn’t that big a deal?

(Mark) #2211

Where have I just said or implied that? LOL.

(Ralph Pantuso) #2212

Correct you never said that and for all I know your turntable may be sitting on shelf mounted to the studs in the wall, as it should be. My point is that something is amiss when I look at many of these system setups with turntables, regardless of their internal suspensions, sitting on the top of equipment racks with speakers near by.

(Mark) #2213

That was my point. It’s not regardless of their internal suspensions.

Some decks are extremely susceptible. Some are not.

(Ralph Pantuso) #2214

The same can be said about the internal power supplies of various pieces of audio equipment and the need of external power conditioning, after all one of the main functions of power supplies is to provide clean and stable power for the unit.

And again you are correct - some decks have better suspension than others.

But I am talking about going the extra mile to ensure no mechanical vibration, the same as is being done with the purifying the electrical power.

(Mark) #2215

Right. What has this got to do with turntable suspension, again? :confused:

I don’t know if you missed my very first reply, but here it is again :smiley:

(Ralph Pantuso) #2216

Again you are correct - I didn’t see that last line of your first reply and I humbly apologize.

Wall mounted turntable shelf is the proper solution, if at all possible.

(Ged) #2217

Not according to Linn who advocated a light rigid table.

(Nick Baker) #2218

One of the many things they got wrong then…