Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Ralph Pantuso) #2259

What is the make and model of the telephone? :smile:


RB & Co. W48a uW
It‘s an old telephone from the Deutsche Post back in the sixties. Still working :wink:

(Ralph Pantuso) #2261

Here in the USA land line telephones are only used for spam and robo-calls :disappointed_relieved:

On the other hand, mobile phones are used for voice and text in addition to spam and robo-calls.

(Nic) #2262

And what cable are you running on the phone? :wink:




is the next must-have for me. Remembers me of my childhood. Great to hear that ist running still today. Will look at ebay for an identical phone :grinning:


If you want a new one:

(Reader of the Internets) #2265

The Web site doesn’t mention whether it’s Roon-Ready.

(Derek Wyman) #2266

Just add a Chromecast to it!


W48 -> RJ11 -> Cisco SPA 112 -> UniFi 8 Port Switch -> UniFi USG -> Telekom Modem

The cable is behind the cube you can‘t see it from that angle.

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #2268

Rene, I love those devialet speakers. I had a brief listen at Selfirdges in London and they sound amazing.

How are you getting on with them? Any impressions after using them for a while?

… and how do you deal with the TV? I have heard they suffer a processing delay that causes lip sync issues?


(Egbert) #2269

you wanted feedback…
maybe the picture is a little wonky, but it looks like they’re not the same distance from the back wall. Judging by what I can see on floor level, maybe only a thumbs width, but for a back vented box that will make a difference. Speaking of which, I can’t judge the size of the room or listening distance from this picture, but I would be inclined to pull them a little forward.

(Ivan Justesen) #2270

Hello Roon Community ! :grinning:

New convert here !!

This is my current setup :slight_smile:

I have Roon Core running on my proxmox server … (AMD 2200G 16gb)

This outputs native DSD512 (about 25% cpu load on server) to my SMSL M100 connected to a NAD C325BEE
powering a pair of BOSE 401 from 1990 :wink: From back when BOSE actually meant SQ :):star_struck:


also have a kitchen streamer …a PI 3b+ with IQAudio DAC Pro+ … still pondering 'bout the right kitchen amp …

i need 2x 40watts in good SQ … any inputs welcome

Cheers all

(Derek Wyman) #2271

thumbs up for the Brandi :wink:

(Mr Fix It ) #2272

If you are ok with iqaudio upgrade to a digiamp+ and a pair of speakers for the kitchen…I use this setup in a bedroom and dining room. Simple and just works. I use with os and you need a 19V smps to power the amp and pi.

Can always redeploy the dac Pro elsewhere on another pi.

(Ivan Justesen) #2273

I like that idea…have nothing but love for IQAudio…

What is the benefit of ropiee over volumio + roon bridge ? besides ease of installation

I find volumio + bridge much more versatile in my everyday use


After a few months, how do you like the Tannoy? I heard them (twice) at Axpona in '17 I believe. Loved them.


I like them but they do need careful placement to get the best out of them. Keep tweaking to find it. I know have them with massive toe in, which is what why recommended in the manual but goes against what I have ever had to do before.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #2276

Love them. Excellent sound in this room. Nice volume control.

There’s currently no great way to use them with Roon, however. I found S/PDIF to be sub-par and couldn’t get a UPNP Bridge to work with Dialog reliably, so basically Airplay is what’s left. Which is fine, but leaves out HighRes.

I have created a little parallel universe with Apple Music. Love it – great could library at home and out and about (and sound is simply good – really) and track/volume controls from my Apple Watch.

Still – RoonReadiness wouldn’t go to waste if and when it arrives.

There’s a bit of lag when using TV if you pay attention to it. I don’t care much for TV, so it goes by unnoticed most of the time. Does not bother me, but YMMV.

(jelle kasteel) #2277

René, did you try the toslink on one of the Golds in stead off the one on the Dialog?
From my experience it looks like the one on the Gold is more capable than the one on the Dialog.

I have a RPI with a Digi+ Pro connected and I am able to send upt to 24/192 to them.
With the dialog the 192 does not work.

I use the airplay capabilities for syncing multiple rooms and use the RPI for the more quality oriented listening sessions.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #2278

The Dialog’s Toslink is even worse than the Phantom’s indeed. I use Toslink on the left and right Phantoms (one for TV, one for anything) – I still think it does not sound great compared to the built-in sources (Spark, UPNP and even Airplay).

The Phantoms are temperamental little beasties – I’ve made quite a journey piping audio in. As not to pollute this nice thread too much, maybe we should open an owner’s thread in the Devialet section and move a bunch of posts across. I’ll see what I can do.