Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Daniel Beyer) #2279

Are you still in the honeymoon phase?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #2280

To quote the tormented bard:

There’s been a long honeymoon
She thought too late and spoke too soon
There’s no money back guarantee on future happiness

But right now, I’m in quite a happy place, audio-wise (he muttered while casually adjusting the living room volume from his watch… ;-)).

(Daniel Lundh) #2281

Added an SMSL M100. This thing goes to 11!
(Or at least 768kHz)

(Mikael Ollars) #2282

It doesn’t like DSD? :slight_smile:
It’s a sin, leaving the single bit domain you know? :wink:

(Daniel Lundh) #2283

Its not like I can tell the difference. :joy:

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #2284

Rene, I also found that airplay 2 music streaming and control via iphone / ipad / watch etc… is super convenient. Drains batteries of course as the streaming source is the device (not like a remote) but the convenience is very very high :).

(Loyd Turner) #2285

A summary of my current Roon ecosystem—

  • Roon Core running on my office computer in the main house. $119 annual subscription seems reasonable to me.
  • Roon catalogs my streaming services (Tidal and Qobuz) and local music files anywhere on the network.
  • A Sonore ultraRendu in my Man Cave is on the same home network.
  • The ultraRendu is a Roon endpoint soon to be served by a 7 volt linear power supply to keep any noise to the minimum.(I got both from Small Green Computer Company who provided excellent service and advice!)
  • I use an Android Galaxy Tab A 7” tablet to run the Roon Remote app and choose what to send to the ultraRendu.
  • The Roon Remote user interface is glorious and robust with details.
  • The ultraRendu outputs to the Meridian Explorer 2 DAC.
  • The Explorer DAC outputs analog to the preamp.
  • I choose the ROON input on the preamp and I am off to the races.

My wish list is a Chord Qutest DAC or a PS Audio DirectStream DAC when they start selling new orders.

(Bruce Comerford) #2286

My system:

(cereal killer) #2288

roonserver on QNAP USB out into Audionet DNA 2



  • CHORD Mojo/Poly, beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro,
    Main Roon Control: AIO running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Cyrus Lyric
  • DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0
  • QNAP TBS-453A (Roon Core, PLEX Server), TV-Set-top box,
    CCA (optically connected to the Lyric; cant be seen behind core)
  • B&W PV1D
    Speakers: Cabasse Baltic 2 (wall mount; not on picture)

Mini Roon on a QNAP (Celeron and HDD)

Funky motorcycle helmet…


Got it. W48, construction year 1962. It runs flawlessly with the help of a terminal a / b adapter. I’m happy. Thank you for this great idea !

(Robert ) #2292

Don’t laugh but I actually bought an A/B switch for my hard line telephone today. I am only going to use that line for outgoing calls, and have grown tired of the telemarketer, scammer, and robocallers. They will switched off to B, and are welcome to ring my phone for hours on end, since I will never hear it.



Here’s my home/audio network topology. It changes from time to time.


How about a photo of your listening room?


Very nice and a good condition. I have to repair the spring for the dial in my W48 :confused: But incoming calls are no problem :wink:


Here you go… My office doubles as my listening room and watching movies. My roon end-point is behind the amp on the rack to the left. RPi and TerraBerry DAC 2 HAT. I’m lovin my ELACs.


What’s that you’ve hang up on side wall?

(Bruce Comerford) #2298

Primacoustic fulltraps (broadband bass traps). I also have some of their paintable broadway traps at the first reflection points, some absorption squares behind the seating, and some home made solid membrane bass traps at the back of the room. Small room.

(Martin Friberg) #2299

Are you happy with the Poly as addition to Mojo?

Followed it from the announcement and through the launch and for a few months, but still haven’t pulled out my wallet. Still thinking about it from time to time.