Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(ipeverywhere) #2320

The thing on the bottom of that stack is a 1U server with 32GB RAM and an Intel Xenon E3-1245V3 3.4Ghz (~2014 era) processor. The server runs ESXi. My (unsupported) ROCK install runs within a VM on top of ESXi. Not pictured is an external USB drive connected to the ROCK VM which holds the music files. This all sits on a shelf in the master bedroom closet where the “home run” box is.

Various endpoints using various technology across the network/house connected to various DACs and other things (predominantly using the hardwired gigabit ethernet from that switch).

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Handsome stands!

(Henry) #2322

You think so too?
It’s not like I need both kidneys! :sunglasses:

(Cyrus Guidry) #2323

Never described my system, so here goes…
Core: Rock running on NUC8i7BEH with 8GB and 250 Samsung SSD
Music Storage: Synology DS916+ 1653 albums mostly FLAC some DSD 30828 tracks
Primary: Merging NADAC (playing through a Roon Bridge) to Aesthetix Electronics and Vandersteen 7 speakers
Additional; B&W; KEF LSX; ELAC Discovery; Bluesound Pulse Flex

(still setting up room…)

(Ralph Holvast) #2324

Using an iPhone to control a Roon Nucleus (top left on shelf) with Primare Pre60 as end point via USB. The files are on a Synology NAS in another room connected via Gb ethernet cable. Amp is Primare A60 (Krell KSA80 available for party mode) into restored Apogee Caliper Signatures. Other units are power conditioners and an FM tuner. Vicoustic treatments control excessive echo.

Works very well.

(Albert Jochems) #2325

Nice switch!
I just switched to Unify router/switch/AP in my home now. Rock solid high speed connections all over now. Wifi in the most remote corners now even >100Mb.

(Ged) #2326

I see the Double Bass cases :slight_smile: Where are the speakers?

(Cyrus Guidry) #2327

You should see me carrying them onto a flight!

(Wim) #2328

The Technics Rack is back in the house. :sunglasses:

All components have been completely refurbished, adjusted, measured and tested.

The RPi 3 B+ powered by Ropieee and the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital have been integrated.

These are the components that have been replaced.

I found the original user manuals and purchase orders.

The total cost (including Technics SB-7000 speakers that I no longer own) was € 2.607,30 back in 1978.

Just considering to add a MiniDSP DDRC-24 with Dirac Live between the amp PRE OUT and MAIN IN for room correction.

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(Derek Wyman) #2330

One of my most used rooms lol. Two Insignia CC speakers paired into a stereo pair. Got them during the close out for $14 a pop or something like that. As a single little shop/laundry room/garage speaker they are hard to beat for $14. Google home devices (and swanky clocks too). Paired together they beat the sound of my $200 JBL portable speaker.

(Ged) #2331

System with Atom on top pre upgrade

Then post upgrade

The beauty of a cabinet when it comes to surreptitious upgrades…

(Yiannis Kouropalatis) #2332

What hides in the cabinet? :-o

(Daniel Beyer) #2333

The portable one sounds great actually too. I have one of those as a bedside clock and white noise machine.

(Daniel Beyer) #2334

Sitting Room / Reading Nook System:

NAD D3020
Chromecast Audio (hidden) - Analog in
Squeezebox 3 - coax in
Totem Arro speakers – lovely imaging speakers

(Ralph Pantuso) #2335

Since the NAD also has an optical digital input you can get an cable for the Chromecast Audio which has a optical digital output Cable

My guess is that the NAD’s DAC is somewhat nicer sounding than the Chromecast’s internal DAC.

(Ged) #2336

Naim NAP100 eBay bargain.

(Daniel Beyer) #2337

Sure. But, I use the Squeexebox via coax in mostly when listening just in that location. The Chromecast is just there to pair with other chromecasts.

(Rob Cordosi) #2338

Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime
Sennheiser Massdrop HD6xx
Focal Massdrop ELEX

Schiit Gungnir Multibit Gen 5 USB
Schiit Moljnir 2. With various tubes in line for testing :wink:
LH Labs Geek Pulse Infinity with all upgrades except signature.
LH Labs LPS 4.
Heavily Modified Aune T1. All caps upgraded to audio grade.
ifi Micro iDSD in the loft with Ropieee on RP with ifi usb nano iGalvanic3.0 and ifi ipower 5v ps.

Synology 918+ (7TB)

Roon Core on the iMac

Old school Audysey Lower East Side computer speakers.
Sonos through the house:
2 Play 3’s in the kitchen
1 Play 1 in the garage
1 Play 1 in the living room
1 Play 3 in the bar
Sonos Play Base and 2 Play 1’s as surrounds in the loft.

Chord Mojo.
Centrance DAC portable.
Campfire Audio Dorado iem’s.
Various other cheap iem’s not worth mentioning.

Oh, and in ceiling speakers in the master bathroom hooked up to a RP with a HiFi Berry DAC/Amp and max2play for airplay.

I think I might have an audio problem. :wink:

Oops! I forgot about the Marantz CD4000 (AKA AHHH! Njoe Tjoeb!) Anyone remember this? The display is all but gone, but it still sounds amazing. I’ve been searching for a way to replace the screen for years, sadly with no luck. :frowning_face:


Love the Totem Arro speakers.