Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


That’s alright, we all do! :grinning:

(Ian Medland) #2341

Great choice of music! I use this album to check bass response coz there’s stupid amounts of it.

(Wim) #2342

Added a Glorious Record Rack 330 today.
Time to make an inventory of my old collection and put it in order.

The 41 year old original cartridge plays remarkably well. The stylus has been replaced.
I had an Ortofon MC cartridge with some kind or Ortofon step-up transformer but I cannot find it anymore. It may turn up some day …

(Morten) #2343

I have finally got my main system together 5 years and 6 moves after I started collecting the items. While it is perhaps unusual, I am very happy with the sound quality. My spouse who is a movie editor also really enjoy watching movies over the 7.1 system. The systems WAF is great.
/ Orca99


Beolab 18’s fronts
Beolab 19 subwoofer
Beolab 7-4 center
Beolab 4000 Sides and rears (not shown)
55” Samsung TV
Magnet 1000W x2 voltage stabilizers
All speakers connected via WISA (wireless)

Hidden behind TV

NUC 8i7 as ROCK / ROON Core / Tidal subscription, HDMI cable to hub
Klipsch RP-Hub1 WISA preamp/video switcher (may swap to LG WISA TV)
Multiple 1-2TB USB harddrives
Mac Mini - computer & for Netflix / HDMI cable
WIFI router
Logitech Elite hub and remote charging station
B&O Receiver1 (behind 5 non WISA speakers)


19 m wide, 8.5 m deep where the HIFI sits and no walls are parallel. Five room boundaries are sliding walls so the effective acoustic room size can vary from 100-200 m2 to infinite…if 2x8 m folding terrace glass doors are open.

Acoustic treatment:

1.2 m square Echophon panels hanging 30 cm below the ceiling; about 50% room area coverage. This tames reflections in the room which has few other absorbent surfaces.
Acoustic double glazing, to block noise from nearby beachfront hotels in concert/wedding season.


Spouses cave: B&W Zeppelin/Iphone as Roon source

System in my cave: …Modified Martin Logans bi-amped with Lyngdorf amplifiers (incl room correction and x-over), but that system does not sound significantly better than than the B&O system, and has a much lower WAF.


Very nice view! Congrats!


Exchanged some gear at my headphone stations.

Schiit Magni and Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital sold and replaced with Chord Hugo2. Still fed by Sonore MicroRendu, MrSpeakers Æon Flow closed back.

Added Allo DigiOne board to old Raspberry Pi and feeding Chord Mojo. Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro replaced B&W P7.

(Morten) #2346

I Love the Apogees…Nice system

(Robert ) #2347

Headphone Battlestation:

Bryston BDP-1 > Benchmark DAC-3 HGC > Amps and Sound (Kenzie) Encore

Not shown: Sonore microRendu and HiFiBerry DAC +


I see vinyl.but no TT :sob:


Can I have that view please. Not jealous at all.


Did it make a difference getting the NAP? Was considering one myself in the future?

(Ged) #2351

Definitely more bottom end but not a night and day change.


What a view, in and outside👍


Hmm that’s not something I need. Might be one to trial and see before making a decision.


A Star or Nova would probably reap more gain than a NAP 100.


Here’s my main system

Naim NDS
NAC 282/
Hicap DR
Nap 250 DR
Kudos S20’s

Currently using a QNAP TS-453pro to host Roon on which is tucked away under the stairs. I also have a container station running on the QNAP that has lms-to-upnp running as the Naim NDS is not a Roon endpoint, so I use UPNP I may move to an NUC later this year. I’d like to see if version 1.6 performance settles down first as I think the QNAP is adequate for the moment.

Other rooms have Naim Muso QB’s and I also have a Bose (sorry!) lifestyle 5 system, the one with the tiny cube speakers and a subwoofer, this is used in the conservatory. That is fed with a Yamaha MusicCast WXAD10 which supports Airplay.


But they are a lot more expensive option that I am not in the marker for. Can pick up a nap100 2nd hand for a lot less than the 1500 or more I would have to pay out for a star and over 2k for a Nova. It would be the Nova if I was in the market the Star is not that great a step up.


Very tidy room. :slight_smile: Wish mine was like that, but with two couldn’t care less kids roaming about alas its not.

(Ged) #2358

Exactly what I did. Got a reduced but new Atom then a £400 100 to add on. It’s definitely better than the Atom on it’s own, really comes good when you turn it up as it stays in control better than the Atom and stays more consistent. Also the bottom end is more controlled.


Hmm dont tempt me I’ve spent enough this year already on gubbins for my system.