Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Robert Brown) #2360

Does the shop floor count as a setup? I spend more time listening to this system than I do my system at home!

B&W 800 D3
Meridian UltraDAC (ID41 streaming card)
Meridian 857 Power Amp
Melco N1A Server
Linn Akurate DS (2nd streamer)

(Alex) #2361

Blimey Rob!
That’s the best setup I’ve ever seen in a music shop.

(Ged) #2362

Hifi dealer that sells records I should imagine.

(Wim) #2363

Nice set-up. Lots of records, but no record player to be seen … :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mike) #2364

Yeah, records need all the help they can get :rofl:

(Alex) #2365

Oh yeah. Silly me. :roll_eyes:


LOL. I have had 7 Golden Retrievers, named after boxers, baseball players and basketball players, named: Tyson, Jake, Riley, Jeter, Magic, Koufax and Barkley. Only Koufax and Barkley are still with us. You can never have enough Goldens or Labs.

(Mike O'Neill) #2367

Only if you’re not allergic to them. I had one and took daily anti histamines until her demise

You should try a Rhodesian Ridgeback , 45 kilos of soppy dog, too big to sit on your lap so she sat on my feet to keep her bum off the cold floor


I love all dogs. Rhodesian are wonderful dogs. From my perch there are two types of people. Those who LOVE dogs and those who don’t.

We have become a Golden family. They OWN our house. They train my wife very well.

When we lost our Riley, after some months, we decided to get a trained Golden, a beautiful English Cream, really white, who we named Jeter who was 6 months old. He was so smart and perfectly trained. Literally within a week, he lost all his training and had my wife perfectly trained. He was the smartest dog I ever knew. We lost him a year and half ago. It was hysterical to watch. He would make gestures or bark and my wife would respond to him in a millisecond. I tried to follow Jeter’s cues but it never worked for me.

(Robert Brown) #2369

We have an LP12 in our Demonstration Room :grin:


Kii Audio Three, Technics SL1000 mk2P, ASR Mini Basis MK2, ROCK on Intel NUC J3455, Bluesound Node 2.

(Wim) #2371

Living room setup: Dali Rubicon LCR, SVS SB-4000, NAD T 777 v3, Dirac Live, lazy chair, fireplace.


Oh my god. What a view.
Where is that?

(Mike) #2374

Close your eyes, and your music will take you wherever you will :slight_smile:

(Martin Friberg) #2375

Something which has surprised me in this thread from its beginning, is that so, so, so many of you has such a narrow angle between speakers and listening position. And speakers pointing straight forward without toe-in…

How can you get any stereo imaging whatsoever with such limiting placement of the speakers?

Many as lot to gain in terms of sound quality by working more on the collaboration between room, speaker placement and listening spot.


Thanks! I’m very happy with the view. I live in a small town in northern Norway called Bodø.

(Patatorz) #2377

Superb !!!


In my case the listening position is about three meters away, the speakers are about 3.5 meters apart. The picture is taken from behind the listening position. The toe in has been adjusted a bit after taking the picture and the speakers now “meet” right behind my head while sitting in the listening chair. The Kii Three has a phenomenal stereo imaging and pinpointing by the way. Never heard anything like it before.

(Martin Friberg) #2379

Well, yours actually looked super wide and is definitely an exception to what I wrote! :slight_smile:


Kitchen - Meridian 5200s and Squeezebox/Chromecast

Cycle Shed - Meridian M60s - PC / Explorer 2

Home Office - Meridian A330s - G41 Amp/ PC Explorer 2 /Sub
Living Room - Meridian M80, Raspberry Pi / HiFiBerry Digi +

Decorate old home office or upgrade to 7200SE speakers …
Main System - Meridian 7200SE, Meridian 218, Meridian DSW Sub, Chromecasts