Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


i have recently replaced my SB Touch with a RaspberryPi/Ropiee setup (there’s a long story about why, probably better posted in a the networking/trouble shooting section of the board).

this is a secondary system, for headphone listening only. i’m astonished i can get this type of sound from a tiny box the size of a deck of cards, costing <$100.

(Mr Fix It ) #2403

What pi case is that?



(paul ashby) #2405


Oppo BDP-105D w/ModWright Tube/power supply/Truth/Bybee rail/region mods
MacBook Pro (2017 model, 16G of RAM running 10.14)
Mac Mini (late 2013, 8G of RAM running 10.13.6)


PS Audio DirectStream w/Bridge II


Zesto Andros 1.2 phono
Zesto Leto linestage (first generation)
PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter


Pass Labs X250.8


Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk II


Mac Mini (late 2013, 8G of RAM running 10.13.6 and Roon 1.6)
OWC Mercury Elite Pro 3TB FW800 hard drives
OWC Mercury 2TB FW800 hard drive
OWC Mercury 4TB Elite Pro mini Portable
G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE mobile USB-C Portable Hard Drive
SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD
Apple Airport Extreme (2011)
Apple Airport Express (2013)
NETGEAR ProSAFE GS116NA 16-Port gigabit switch
NETGEAR ProSAFE GS108T 8-Port gigabit switch
NETGEAR ProSAFE GS105 5-Port gigabit switch


JCAT Reference USB (Schiit Wyrd to DirectStream)
Wireworld Starlight USB
Cardas Clear USB (laptop to DirectStream)
Audience AU24 SE RCA (Andros to Leto)
Kimber Timber RCA (Leto to Cavalli Liquid Glass)
Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 HDMI (Oppo to DirectStream I2S)
WyWires Platinum XLR (Leto to Pass)
Acoustic Zen Absolute Silver XLR (Oppo to Leto, DirectStream to Leto)
Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cables
JCAT Reference ethernet cable (Netgear switch to DirectStream)
Audioquest Cinnamon ethernet cables (Netgear to Oppo)


Roon 1.6
JRiver MC 21 and 22
Decibel 1.3.5
Vinyl Studio 8.7.0
Audacity 2.0.5
Sound Studio 4.8.14
ONKYO HF Player 2.2.0 (iOS)
FLAC Player (iOS)


Shunyata SR-Z1 AC outlet
PS Audio Power Port Classic outlet
Audience aR12-TSS-D conditioner w/dampening upgrade and Au24se Schuko power cord (preamps, sources)
Shunyata Hydra DPC-6 conditioner w/Shunyata Alpha HC power cord (DAC, Mac Mini, router, switch, hard drives, Schiit Wyrd)
Shunyata ZiTron Alpha Analog power cord (preamps)
Shunyata ZiTron Alpha Digital power cord (DAC)
PS Audio AC-3 power cord (transport)
PS Audio Noise Harvester

(Bart Verhoeven) #2406

It’s a flirc indeed. Have the same one. It’s awesome.

(Sean) #2407

While I’ve demo’ed quite a bit of gear for my head-fi setup the last few years and I’m plotting a major change in head-fi direction, I can always count on old faithful.

miniDSP USBStreamer (USB to TOSlink converter) -> Lifatec glass fiber cable -> Chord Hugo2 -> MrSpeakers Aeon Closed

I’m currently playing with Sonarworks True-Fi with my Aeon Closed (a new addition to Sonarworks measured headphones). I tried Sonarworks when it first came out and really didn’t like it with my Sennheiser HD800-S cans. There’s been a few years of updates and improvements I’ve read, so I’m giving it another listen now.



(R. Neal) #2409

Living room. Lenovo Q190 Windows 10 PC with roon remote/endpoint. (Got this for $199 several years ago when Microsoft was giving away Windows 8 to OEMs.) Tiny little Celeron CPU, plays fine but soon to be replaced by a Gen 8 i3 Lenovo M720 Tiny PC. Connected via toslink to Denon AVR-X3300W. Klipsch Quartet speakers (with Crites updates). Also for home theater mode, Klipsch SW-450 sub and Snell in-wall surrounds.

Recently built-out bonus room with budget/vintage audio and big-ass cheap LG TV (mainly for sports). Denon AVR-2805 (about 15 years old, salvaged from junk closet, has phono preamp!), Large Advent Loudspeakers (~50 years old, salvaged and restored after ~25 years in garage), AT-120USB turntable (replaced Technics SL-B3 turntable, also salvaged from garage after ~25 years, but couldn’t get it working, now sitting in the bottom of the cabinet). AT-120 Turntable used mainly to convert a bunch of old vinyl to digital for playback via roon. Salvaged Lenovo T430 notebook for roon playback and vinyl capture (using Vinyl Studio), connected to Denon via toslink using a StarTech “external soundcard” for USB to toslink conversion. Also a $100 Dayton Audio 10-100 Subwoofer for movie explosions.Speaker stands are $5 wooden storage crates from Lowes, painted black.

Roon core runs on an i5 Lenovo X1 tablet with Windows 10 (doubles as my desktop in the office). File server is an old Lenovo Precision tower PC running Windows 10 hidden under a desk. All wiring is CAT5 ethernet, wired when we built the house 15 years ago. Using gigabit routers and switches, too many to keep up with.

(Ralph Pantuso) #2410

Perhaps with such a large HDTV you will be able to see that getting within 6" of Stephen Curry is grounds for a foul :wink:

(Sean) #2411

Hilarious. Just as bad with Harden :grin:

(Staatskapelle) #2412

The 7’s are remarkable speakers in every way.

(Ralph Holvast) #2413

Dad joke alert !
About 8 ?

(FTBoomer) #2414

Martin Logan Aerius i Speakers
Emotiva Power & Pre
Chromecast Audio for Roon
(Pro-Ject S2 coming soon)

(Efe Te) #2415

Lovely! Congrats.

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(paul ashby) #2416

VPI Signature Classic rosewood turntable w/stock tonearm and Clearaudio Talisman V2 Gold cartridge

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(Ralph Pantuso) #2417


Wait until next season when Zion Williamson figures out that he is untouchable - “The next Michael Jordan”

(Ralph Pantuso) #2418

Nice - clean, simple and no nonsense.

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(Bob Findlay) #2419

First off - I love looking at all your setups… It’s like shopping by proxy ha ha! And really interesting seeing all the different implementations that Roon supports. Who knows where it’s going to go next but I sure am going along for the ride.

Anyway, here’s mine:

The Room

I think you can guess where it’s all tucked away (spot the cheeky Kef Sub in this picture too…


ATC SCM20SL on Track Audio stands. Two things: the stands make so much difference. The speakers are totally isolated from the room, which is important with wooden floorboards like mine. They have a really neat spirit level built in which (again) helps with wonky wooden floorboards:

Secondly, they’re a right bastard to drive so why not give them half a kilowatt of power from:


Musical Fidelity M6-500i.

This is one of the original models before MF were bought out. It’s surprising how resolving and delicate this amp is given what a brute it is. Anyway, it’s all needed to drive the ATCs.


Audio Note 0.1x valve DAC

Pretty simple really. This smooths everything out perfectly. My amp and speakers can be very clinical and resolving, but the valves in the DAC take all of that away by adding a lot more warmth to the sound, allowing me to relax and enjoy the music, which is what it’s all about, right?

Round the Back

Ha ha just look at my expert hacking apart of a beautiful mid-century sideboard! So a bit boring really, but an Allo Digione Signature endpoint (with John Darko approved door stop on the top) fed by Roon Core on a Mac Mini (FLACs stored on FreeNas in another room).

My most recent revelation has been to discover what a difference giving clean power to the Digione makes. I put in a linear power supply made by Mains Cables R Us (terrible name, top notch products!) as well as their mains block and a couple of PS Audio AC cables feeding the amp and DAC, and that has completed it for me.

I think there is literally nothing I would want to change in my system now. To my ears, in my room, I frequently close my eyes (or dance around like a lunatic!) with music on and just get taken away by it.

Thanks for indulging me. Keep it going everybody - just listen to the music :speaker::speaker::speaker:

(John Eaton) #2420

I also have a Lenovo Q190 that came with Windows 8 and was up graded to 10. It now resides, mostly unused, in a guest bedroom. Like you I replaced it with a Lenovo Tiny I7, 16 GB, with a 1 TB SSD. The Q190 feels steam powered compared to the Tiny. I think you will really like it. Mine fits so nicely and unobtrusively in the HiFi rack and now acts as a very capable roon core.
Love your old Advent “Larges” too. They are absolute classics.

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(R. Neal) #2421

Got mine today. I concur!