Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

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Recently upgraded both the computers power supplies to Corsair RM650x (550 sold out) they have lower ripple (noise than most power supplies). Also integrate capacitors in power cables to reduce feedback. It is not an LPS both both systems sound a bit more refined and open then before upgrade. The two power supplies were cheaper by 25% than one LPS so I took what I could get. Any people building their own systems check out Toms Hardware for reviews including ripple…on computer SMPS

Stay safe and enjoy the music.

That is a very nice system and I bet it sounds wonderful. The kind of setup I would likely aim towards if I ever went back to analogue speakers.

This is my update and final system :

Source = Mac Mini 2020 i7 (with 1T flash memory & 16Go RAM)
Softs Players = Roon - HQPlayer
Music streamer = Qobuz
Integrated Amplifier = Goldmund Telos 590 NextGen II
Speakers = Grand Cru Audio Essentiel
Sub = Goldmund active Trilogue Subwoofer
Cables = Goldmund Powercords - Entreq Olympus USB - Goldmund speaker HD
Power conditioner = Torus TOT Max
Stands = Partington heavi
Storage equipment = Finite Elemente Spider + ceraballs

Most SQ improvement with the Entreq USB Olympus. it corrects all the computer source defaults.






Gives new meaning to the word “final.”

Do you track the processor utilization and cpu temperature on your mac mini when using HQ Player? I have a Mac Mini similar to yours.


I understand your reaction.
yes final for 2 reasons:
It’s been 25 years since I started with Hi-Fi and for 2 years I decided to offer me the system that would satisfy me for good.

  • the system must not have any default

  • I am 53 years old, my system must remain competitive for 15 years, after that I would be too old and my ears tired :slight_smile:

each element has been chosen according to all these criteria.
I am lucky to have a very good dealer.
my system works perfectly, having listened to systems 3 to 4 times more expensive, it is better (in my opinion obviously).
this is my definition of final :slight_smile:


no need to track the temperature of the mac mini, the i7 processor turns so slowly , when I put my hand on it, it is barely warm after several hours of listening, at the same time, I deliberately limit my listening to 24/96.
I had a mac mini 2010 before, it got hotter, with the fan running sometimes.
today my fan never runs.

Actually, in my case there is. CPU intensive tasks push my cpu temps to 160F (I’m an American so I only speak F). For example, when syncing my ipad music from the mini to an iPad, the mini runs at 25% cpu at 160F. Seems a bit high when my Windows computers do the same task 25 to 30 degrees cooler with the same utilization and timeframe. I’ve checked with Apple and they say this is normal. I’m concerned about what HQ player will to the Mac Mini. I’m just looking for metrics. Thanks for your time.

Inherited a couple of B&W floorstanders for the main system, so the Dynaudios are now in the tiny office. Obviously not ideal to have them behind me, but it works fine for background listening. :sunglasses:

  • Dynaudio Audience 52SE
  • Rega IO
  • RPI 3 with Hifiberry DAC HAT
  • Beyerdynamic DT880

I estimate my CPU temp at 110 F (I don’t want to install an app for that)
The processeur charge is always less than 7%
The energie impact of Roon is around 10 and HPQ 6 (when upsampling to 24/96)

Thank you, for your help. I like to go into something with expectations.

Here is my first attempt at putting together a better sounding system using Roon. I’ve been listening to it for about a month now and it sounds really good! My next step this fall is to measure the system with Room EQ Wizard and try tweaking the room response if it makes sense. I’ve attached a block diagram showing components and connections.

All cables are from Blue Jeans Cables, and the system is controlled using an iPad for Roon and Ragnarok 2 remote control for the rest. I mostly listen to Qobuz and Tidal, but also have around 300 albums on the ROCK. So far the system works pretty flawlessly and I’m very happy with it!


Nice, simple setup. Very clean.

All my audio support equipment and etc. is also out-of-the-way in the cellar.

Nice setup, and must be nice to have a basement or cellar. Not many of those in Texas, not sure why, clay soil, water table, cost, whatever. I do envy those that have that space.

I’m 68 and I don’t think you’re 15 year goal is all that reasonable :wink:


Could be the best ‘Bang per Buck’ set-up I have seen on this forum (above starter systems) IMHO… Nice!

I have a pair of Focal Utopia Diablo III’s being powered by a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premier HP (75 wpc in Pentode mode), which uses EL34 tubes. They are about 91 db and really kick ass with the EL34’s . . .


@EnjoyTheMusic thank you for saying so. I won’t pretend I didn’t have an eye on the budget. My partner suspects I like researching purchases more than I enjoy buying them.

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