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As I wasn‘t quite familiar with quarter wave cancellation, I found the picture below on the internet. Now when Genelec sees a dip at 50 Hz, this is intersting: a 50 Hz tone has a wavelength of 6.86 meters (assuming the velocity of sound of 343 meters per second), a quarter wave would be 1.72 metres, so this phenomenon should occur when the baffle is exactly this distance from the wall. Or do I misunderstand something?

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Yes correct. The worst position is to be between 0.6 meters and 2 meters as it gives you cancellation nulls in the 50 to 150 Hz range. Further than 2 meters and your problems are low enough that room modal issues dominate and natural speaker roll off will help.

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Mmm, I think this will depend on the distance to the back wall. It’s honestly best to just move the speakers around a bit until you find a (wife friendly) spot that sounds best for your preferred music genre. WAF may be the limiting factor anyway.

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Yes. The specific cancellation frequencies depend on distance and often there are several nulls. They only affect bass because only the bass is omnidirectional.


Just found a review of the ATC SCM 19 v1 that states ‘Unusually for ATC, the speaker is balanced for use without a grille in place; one is supplied but for best results, leave it off’ ( Whatever that means :grinning: Haven’t had the time yet to see if grilles on make a difference.

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It’s always good to have a second opinion. And if you like the sound as it is (I think you do) you can now just leave it as it is and enjoy the music.
Just out of curiosity: What amp do you use with them?


It wasn’t meant as criticism :grinning: I simply don’t like the looks of those grilles, they protrude too much from the speaker baffle. I do like the SCM 19s very much, had the 11s v2 and those were definitely too bright and fatiguing. The SCM 19s (again, version 1), are very smooth, yet detailed and I can listen totally immersed for hours!
The SCM 19s are connected to a Devialet Expert 120. I am thinking of upgrading to the Expert Pro 220, but I haven’t decided yet. The combo is very smooth and resolving! I developed into a true ATC/Devialet fan :grinning:

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What we are listening to [2018]
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Darn nice Meridian headphone amp. I use another LPS…Works great on my HD800/HD700.

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I just bought the set up used for AUD1500, it hadn’t been used much and even though it has the blue LED for MQA and has MQA written above the LED it was running pre-MQA firmware. I am very happy with it.

I’m sleeping in the spare bedroom/study at the moment as my wife and I have a 6 week old newborn son, he is in a crib in our bedroom with my wife, he’s feeding every two hours max.

The Prime is getting a fair bit of use every night :grin:

I also had some cables made up by Ghent Audio to tidy up the mass of wires at the back.

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Ghent makes good stuff. Own a couple of their cables. The Meridian Prime Headphone amp DAC works great except for with low sensitivity headphones. It wouldn’t come close to powering my HE-6Se set. Had to buy some new Schiit for that. My main use is via the USB port. I run my Bryston BDP-1 direct to the Meridian, as well as having analog hookups from the preamp. Your MQA light is probably white. A blue sharpie works wonders.

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No, the MQA light is definitely blue and it says MQA above it, just had an older firmware on it.

I think the only use it will get is via the USB input :grinning:

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That’s a newer production model. My MQA light is white. Not upgradable via firmware per Meridian USA.

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Looks and sounds great. I’d be tempted to get the power amps off the carpet. Nice setup :+1:

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I’ve also got the prime/psu set up. The manual is a little misleading with regards to the amp’s dual outputs, implying, (to me anyway), that they are balanced. They are not but they are bi-amped so there are gains to be had by purchasing a suitable cable setup. I went with moon audio black dragon. Their jacks are pretty big but they just fit the Meridian. There was a noticeable improvement in SQ when paired with my Utopia’s against the stock cable/single jack.

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A bit more detail from a UK distributor.

“The prime has two internal amplifiers originally designed for two pairs of headphones.

(Not simply a passive split of the amplifier output to two headphone sockets)

So there is also an advantage to power one side of the phones from one amp (socket), and the other side from the other amp (socket), therefore bi-amping.

The two amps are ‘balanced’ in a way that the volume between the two is identical, so suitable for this purpose.

(Perhaps where we get the ‘balanced’ term entering their discription)

This is nothing to do with the output of the Prime having Positive and Negative signals, in the conventional way they would be referred to as balanced.


So what you would need is two cables from Prime to headphones, one for each channel.

They would both come from a ‘normally wired’ 1/4" stereo output on the Prime.

One to the left speaker, the other to the right speaker.

So each would use the shield connection for ground.

One would use the Tip for signal (Left)

The other use Ring for Signal (Right)”


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Thanks for the info Andrew, very interesting.


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Winter is upon us and so we move Ito the lounge

Meridian G61R MS200 M60’s and M33 Center and surrounds for Trifield. Pioneer TV


Using Roon on a laptop (i7, 16GB, Windows 10) and a SOtM sMS200-ultra as an endpoint. Here’s the complete setup:
Supra and Lapp powercords
Synology DS212+ NAS
Tasker C726 digital audio ethernetcable
Asus RT-AC88U router
Audioquest Pearl CAT700 ethernetcable
SOtM sMS-200Ultra with sPS-500
SOtM txUSBultra
Tubulus Argentus USB V2 cable (2x)
Singxer SU-1 MagnaFied
Tubulus Argentus I2S (HDMI)
Audio-GD R2R 7 DAC
Tubulus Argentus ACSS interlink
Audio-GD Master 1 preamp
Tubulus Argentus XLR interlink
Audio-GD Master 3 poweramp
Tubulus Argentus V2 speakercable
Xanadu HRS80 speakers