Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


That would be Apple Keynote.

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Love that reel to reel, too.


Got new speaker stands for my ATC SCM 19s! Will soon get a new HiFi rack and, most importantly, hard-wiring of the house with Ethernet should be finished end of this week. Looking forward to reliable streaming!

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It’s been a long time since my initial post on this forum and there have been a number of changes since, so:

Remote is an iPad pro, with the monitor being used more for editing and tinkering.


Nice, a fellow Lampi owner :sunglasses:
Is yours a balanced Atlantic Plus?
With a EML mesh 274b (or is it a 5U4G?) recti?

And Vivid Audio B1, cool Speakers :+1:

Is the Classé the amp?


Thanks Christoph. Yes it is indeed a balanced Atlantic Plus, well spotted! I originally had the KR 5U4G rectifier tube but swapped it out for the Emission Labs 274b, which is the one in the picture. The amp is a Classe CAP-2100, and I am happy with the Vivid B1 speakers. What’s your Lampi? Any tips on how to improve it further? I read that it is sensitive to the power cord, but have just used my Nordost Wyrewizard so far.


Does your Classé “want” to see balanced?
I ask because most balanced Lampi owners I know change back to single ended, but those did it for easier/cheaper tube rolling with the output tubes.

Funny regarding your recti tube. I got my Lampi delivered with the EML mesh 274b and changed to the white ceramic base anniversary KR 5U4G because I like the KR recti much more and sold the EML one.
Just now I bought the Riccardo Kron Limited Series KR 5U4G which is another step up soundwise.

I have a Golden Gate (1) DAC that I absolutely love but some friends of mine and I made a shoot-out between GG1 vs. GG2 vs. Pacific and the Pacific DAC is another step above the GG1.
The Pacific DAC is quite a lot more transparent than my beloved GG1, while maintaining that wonderful organic and palpable tone that my GG has.

You are right about the sensitivity to power cables. I have a solid core German SilentWire AC16, but my friends higher up Shunyata or higher up NBS also sound excellent on the Lampi DACs.

We also got extreme good results with the quite affordable Final Touch Audio Callista UBS cable :+1:
The FTA Callista made the Wireworld Platinum cable sound broken in comparison :flushed:
Really the bargain of the century among USB cables :wink:

I see/hear the KR recti quite a step above the EML one. Do you still have the KR recti?
Maybe you can give it another try :wink:

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The Head-Fi station… I am working on a 2-channel system, but I am mostly a headphone listener, today.

Roon runs on the MacBook Pro to the left, then ethernet into the Bryston BDP-1 + Bel Canto DAC, then into an NAD preamp and out to a pair of head amps (Lehmann and Woo). My collection of tubes and 'phones are in the cabinet above the desk.

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My old NUC Rock and new fanless server based on 8th i7 nuc


Nice chassis, what case is that, the new server that is?

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It is cirrus7, from germany.


Cirrus7 Nimbus V2 (6 Core) running Win10 prof. and Roon Core.

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… looks they only speak german :roll_eyes:


On the website, yes. But they (Felix Engemann) are friendly and polite. Try a email:


Hi Kenneth, very individual setup. I like this woodaudio tube amp. Looks like a WA6, how does it sound, are you satisfied? Anyway, this is one of the nicest headphone amplifiers that I know. Really beautiful thumbs-up
PS: And a Nakamichi 582 - a rarity. Dreamed of the “Dragon” when I was young. But never had the money…

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Agree with StereoJo. O, thanks for info from first hand StereoJo.


Wow, a Woo Audio headphone amp!!! Is it a WA6 SE? I still have one, even though I hardly listen to headphones anymore. I did like the Woo Audio headphone amp, although it was a little noisy. I even had the Sophia rectifier tube.


Curious what is meant by this?

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NAD C388 Amp (with Bluesound Streaming Module), Canton Vento speakers, Remote on iPad Pro, Core on iMac. Satisfying sound and performance within my budget :slight_smile:

btw. I really love the amp artworks


Greetings from Hamburg-Area / Northern Germany