Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Mr Fix It ) #1547

Genelec’s are typically used for near field studio monitors and can be (lets say) rather unforgiving of sub par recordings


I still have a 5U3C - is that similar do you know?


Thanks @Sean2016

Yes, Thunder doing well. I’d like to see us get our first Championship. I’d be happy to finish above Golden State for obvious reasons. :wink:

(Chris ) #1550

Today was a big day for me. I picked up a pair of Meridian DSP5200SEs which meant dismantling my main system and starting again …
Everything worked first go, which is a miracle and both myself and SWMBO were immediately blown away by Shelby Lynne in MQA.


Must’ve been the mqa, nothing at all to do with the hardware🤣

(simon arnold) #1552

Latest update added this today. Tranquil PC i7 Fanless running ROCK to replace old i3 in cupboard.


Cool reflection in the Atom: the Dino’s biting the swan. :joy:

(Chris ) #1554

It’s a package… MQA has a richness I can’t define. CD is amazing also, well the go0d ones are

(simon arnold) #1555

They cost more than my entire two systems. Not jealous at all, wish I had that spare cash.

(Chris ) #1556

Luckily I had a great preowned deal or I would not have them. Plus, I was 60 this year, time is running out :joy:
I have waited a long time for this and couldn’t be happier. Dream big and go get some when the planets align for you as they surely will…

(Sean) #1557

Ha! Can you imagine if they’d somehow (salary cap) kept the 3 x MVP’s (!!!) and Ibaka (who’s back in form this year)…

Must be fun watching in your home cinema during the playoffs - big screen and stadium surround sound!

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1558

Congrats Chris! I had been eyeing these myself, but decided not to engage. Glad to see these found a good home – hope you enjoy them for many years.

(simon arnold) #1559

Only the big 50 for me just after new year. Was looking to upgrade my speakers but can’t go that high yet. Get rid of Mortgage and maybe.

(Chris ) #1560

Yep, good idea. Get rid of morgage ASAP and then, who knows…


It’s the perfect room to watch Thunder games! Always a good time, speaking of which, I’ll be watching them play Denver tonight! You should cross the pond and join me :slight_smile:

(Mark Hyland) #1562

Roon Nucleus
Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital
Luxman L-550AX I Integrated Amplifier
XTZ 99.38 Speakers
ExactPower EP15A


Is that the one your Atlantic came with originally?
if yes, that is a decent recti, but not in the league of the KR 5u4g anniversary white ceramic base recti, let alone the RK KR 5u4g which is another step above the anniversary version.
Do you prefer the EML mesh 274b over the 5U3C?
Did you sell the KR 5u4g?


Wow, that is a pretty case. How warm does it get?

(simon arnold) #1565

Warm to the touch but not hot. It’s not being pushed though. Checked the bios last night and it gave reading of 37 degrees c.

(simon arnold) #1566

It’s also very tough, they showed a car running over it on their site :sunglasses: it’s also the cheapest I have seen for a fully assembled fanless gen 7 i7. Top customer service to.