Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Andrea - Italy) #1588

Don’t tell me, it has been my worry for years :slight_smile: That’s the space available for hifi at the moment.
Good news is I’m looking for a new house and guess what? A proper space for my loudspeaker is the key driver for the final choice :slight_smile:

(Magnus) #1589

That will make a big difference for your system :slight_smile:

(Andrea - Italy) #1590

I’m really looking forward. I got the B80 4 weeks ago from an excellent deal (they are 8 months old) just because I know I’ll be changing home shortly. In the present one it is a no sense to use such big loudspeakers.
I’ll post the new set-up as soon as ready :slight_smile:

Anyway, consider average flat size in Italy is 1/3 than in US :slight_smile:


Two rectifiers came with the Atlantic - the 5U3C tube (Svetlana factory, which I understand is based in Russia, though the tube says “Hand Made in the Czech Republic” on the base) and one whose markings are unclear but which looks the same (logo seems similar and has “O T K 3” on the back).

I believe that it was the ceramic base KR 5U4G that I had; is this it? (sorry, this seems to be the only picture I have of it) -

The one pictured here I had replaced as the central pin was at a slight angle, making the tube sit squint in the DAC. The replacement I received emitted a noticeable hum/buzz; Lampizator therefore replaced it with the EML that I am using now, which they felt was on a par with the KR.

I didn’t find it noticeably better than the EML 274BM (mesh version) tube that I am currently using; did you find it to be superior? What is “RK” KR5U4G?

Datasheet for my EML:


i think we need a separate roon tube thread. :sunglasses:

(Jeremy) #1593

That speaker looks rather close to the side wall. Have you tried moving it in. 3 feet from sidewalls is my rule of thumb.

(Mark) #1594

Also, having a guitar(s) in the listening room, singing along at reverberant frequencies won’t be helpful.

(Chris ) #1595

I can’t put the speaker anywhere else I’m afraid. Domestic harmony rules :joy:The corner position selected in DSP cures any boom. I also have boundary control to use if I need it. (I haven’t felt the need yet.) Those speakers are amazing…
As for the guitar, I like it there easy to pick up and play, and if I’m not playing it, I can look at it. Also, studios are full of guitars and the like. I like it…
Really, it doesn’t affect sound for me at all.

(Mikael Ollars) #1596

He can’t tell the difference… He listens to MQA compressed music mostly… :wink:

(Mark) #1597

Let’s just think about that for a moment :thinking:

(Ben D) #1598

Why would you use win10 to run your roon core?

(Tim) #1599


I can’t speak for SterJo but in my case it was because I already had an I7 16 GB RAM 512 GB NVME SSD NUC with a 2 TB spinning disk for my local music library running Plex so adding Roon to it was easy. I don’t use the server as an endpoint so I keep it out of the way and any noise it makes is not an issue.

I’ve been running it since May and it has been easy to maintain, it has rebooted a few times for Windows updates but it is setup to log in automatically and start Roon. When I installed Roon I intended to run Roon Server and manage it from my laptop but that laptop was too old and did not support OpenGL 3.0 so I installed Roon and manage the computer with VNC when needed.



There are several reasons.

  • Example 1: My library changes almost every day. At the same time, there are several weeks of work in my library. So I make a backup also every day. Backups can only be made while no music is running. So I plan my backup at 2:00 AM. At 1:55 my Roon Server is started by RTC (Bios). At 2:15 when backup is done, my Roon Server is shut down by a WSH script. With Roon Rock an automaticly shutdown is not possible.
  • Example 2: With Roon Rock I can only configure one internal HDD / SSD for storing my music files. In Windows as much as I want (in Cirrus7 Nimbus V2 is 1 connection for a NVME M.2 SSD and 2 aditionals HDD’s / SSD’s)
  • Example 3: Roon has a lot of possibilities finding and searching for music. But none possibility for prowsing musicfiles by hierarchical folder structure. So if I want to browse by folders, I use the Lumin App for my Linn Akurate. I can easily access Windows storage, with internal storage of Roon Rock I did not succeed with lumin.

Of course, I have to admit that Roon Rock is a lot easier to maintain. Maintenance-wise Windows is no self-runner. But as a computer scientist and administrator of several companies, this is for me at best a relaxation exercise. All in all, Windows gives me more options. Of course, I spent many hours figuring out a sound difference between Windows and Roon Rock. But there was no difference for me and my ears.

(Ben D) #1601

Fair enough, I basically do the same thing but with Linux. Less going on in the background in my setup, but I maintain my own linux distro (not really my own, but admin debian). My main point is that I think Linux would be better suited as an appliance OS than Windows, but that’s just what I’m comfortable with.



I am not sure where to start! I just added some new speaker cable, some Chord Shawline X and I think I just closed my eyes a bit when I saw the rest and pretended it wasn’t there.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1603

Thats a tonic for my mind. The idea that my cabling is disorderly is at rest, for now anyway.


… but since one cannot see a single cable it’s perfect. :wink:

(Reader of the Internets) #1605

Last time I pulled my cabinet apart, I found three unused cables and an unconnected power wart.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1606

Flying mono these days – one of the DSPs is having a doctor’s appointment. There’s a Bluesound Pulse 2 helping out with the worst withdrawal effects…


The world looks weighted to one side!