Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Vincent Bourne) #1648

A good buddy of mine had the standard rat’s nest of unmanaged expensive cables behind his rack, which his dog was sick on! Now, that’s got to ruin your weekend…

(dej) #1649

I hate cables mess, so i ordered custom shelf to hide cables as it is possible

(Sean) #1650

Very cool setup dej.

Are you feeding your Genelec’s via the analogue XLR outputs from your Matrix DAC?

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1651

Mere armateur in cable chaos world, try harder and take some detention…

(Robert ) #1652

Yours is quite organized compared to my mess,


So many things! How many speakers are you driving with that?

(Robert ) #1654

4 Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20
2 Monitor Audio Gold Reference 10
2 Monitor Audio Gold Signature Surrounds
1 Monitor Audio Gold Reference LCR Center
Martin Dynamo Subwoofer

The GR 20s, and GR10s are for stereo listening
The others are employed during 5.1 surround / multi channel audio duty.

Those pictures were right after I had straightened it up a bit. Looks MUCH worse now. A bowl of spaghetti would be easier to untangle.:grinning:

(Robert ) #1655

Here is my new bundle of joy - Amps and Sound Kenzie Encore.

DAC is a Meridian Prime Headphone amp/DAC connected (USB) out of the Imac.

Spendng a little more time in the headphone world these days.

(dej) #1656

yes, analog over xlr.

(James) #1658


I love this setup. I wish I’d have thought of a letter box when I was doing a friend’s in-wall install recently, instead of one of those furry grommet plates.

What are those platforms your SEs are standing on?

(paolo) #1659


(Geoff Coupe) #1660

In a corner by a Quad EL57:

And behind the home cinema setup with a ROCK NUC on the left:


I promised myself I would keep things tidy when I set this lot up somehow it never happened.


Finally got the electrician to finish the ethernet cabling in our house. I asked him what cables he used and he specifically said Cat7a ethernet cable. He had problems in getting the ethernet sockets properly wired. Finally, after the third attempt, everything is up and running perfectly well. So that’s finally set! See a sketch of the cabling below.

I also replaced my old marble table with a Milan three-shelf rack. As a matter of fact, the Devialet would perfectly suffice. There’s, however, still a Denon CD player in the shelf. This is for the digitally less advanced who still need a CD for audio to work :grinning:

Also I keep my Aurender as a backup. I’ll be running an intensive trial phase. If the network holds up, the I might just as well replace it with a Nucleus. Perhaps!

In addition, I replaced the stands for the ATC SCM 19s with slender stands that rest on floor protectors. I really, really enjoy the SCM 19s!


“Reunited, and it feels so good
Reunited 'cause we understood
There’s one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited 'cause we’re reunited, hey, hey”

(Derek Wyman) #1664


Re-purposed Dell Laptop>Gustard U12>Keces DA 131>Onkyo 686>BA 100s


CCA>Onkyo 686 (AK4458)> various Chromecast enabled speakers throughout the house

Server:Win10 workstation>Google Wifi (All roon components on LAN)

Remotes: Fire 8HD w/dock in living roon, CRD on various Chromebooks/boxes, Roon Remote on Laptop to feed the “serious” chain


Hi @Grump!
Congrats on your new speakers! Everything looks really great!

(Mike) #1666

Very nice! I’ve just put my Aurender on eBay :wink:

(Derek Wyman) #1667

spent a weekend re-running every wire to get it tidied up…was successful until i reached the halfway point and then it all went south lol. I have some ideas but will likely just build a box to hide everything.

(Chris ) #1668

They are speaker isolation platforms and I can’t for the life of me remember the now defunct company who made them.

As you can see, the chassis spiked to the floor and the platform is spiked to the main chassis.
I am thinking of getting marble for the platform as opposed to the MDF there now .