Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


Being relatively new to Roon, I still need a ‚safety net‘ in the form of an Aurender :grinning:. Even though I don‘t expect it. If my network runs smoothly, alas, Aurender will have to find a new home.

I am still debating how to replace it: with a Nucleus or a Mac Mini. I am surprised how well the setup sounds, despite coming straight of a MacBook Pro.

(Dick Vliek) #1670

10 points for me :grinning::


Thanks @hwz1970, they sound great too! :blush:

And thanks again for converting me from tubes to DSP, @RBM :slight_smile:

Of course, this means my little tube amp and my disproportionately big Klipsch Heresy II’s moved to my study room. My wife and daughter think it looks ridiculous. Which, of course, it does. But then again, it suits me :wink: Sounds great too! (Please ignore the paint and the mess, it’s work in progress, but, for now, not a top priority).


Congrats, Dick! I don’t own the song or album, so couldn’t share it, but it immediately came to mind :wink:

(Cees Vreugdenhil) #1674

Roon still on a HP laptop, but at the end of the year an Intel Nuc8i3.

Raspberry 3b+ and Allo Digione via coax s/pdif to an IFI iDSD black label.
Audio Analogue Puccini SE
Nordost Blue Heaven throughout.
Diapason Ares

Bit old an a bit new, but sound great.

(Dale Packard) #1675

Have an Intel NUC i7 running Roon Core, in my office.
In-home network is Cat6 cabling to a pair of 5 port Gig switches. One is located in the living room where my main system resides, the other is in the family room. Everything homes back to a wireless router in my 2nd floor office. Nothing really different from the norm.

Main system pictured is:
Paradigm speakers Studio 100 Reference
Sim Audio Moon power amp
Spectral Pre-Amp
PS Audio Directstream DAC w/Bridge II
PS Audio Directstream Memory Player
Micro Seiki Turntable, Tonearm
Mac Mini, Apple keyboard and touchpad, Dell monitor

Family room:
KEF speakers on floor stands, Polk Subwoofer
Onkyo RZ810 surround receiver

Use iPad 6th gen for remote control, mostly.

(Hugo Sharp) #1676

@Cees_Vreugdenhil where do you get the weights from? And do you notice much of an impact from them sonically or are they just to hold small items in place?

(Daniel Lundh) #1677

What is that on top of your RPi?

(Sean) #1678

(Mr Fix It ) #1679

John Darko uses these too…it dawned on me saw it what it was…cheap and cheerful door stoppers…my parents have on at their front door in Australia…

Now they will be hard to buy or more expensive…sigh. I use stainless steel blasting shot for cleaning metals (industrial) weighs a ton for its size and cheap as I have an industrial source that’s free :stuck_out_tongue: and it doest runt…use on my turntable cover in a plastic ice cream tub

(Mike O'Neill) #1680

I daren’t even photograph my Rats Nest in case I disturb something

Everything hides in a drawer oh the hifi cabinet suitably ventilated, Massive Brownie points for WAF

Still can’t easily hide the HDMI cable to the TV , paint it

(Cees Vreugdenhil) #1681

I got those weights from a local cheapy-cheapy shop. There just to hold the raspberry pi and dac in place. Because of the fairly rigid cable between them, there all over the place:grin:

(Daniel Lundh) #1682

Ok. Saw Darko use something similar but had no idea what it is. But that sounds clever, The RPis keep moving around.

(Chris ) #1683

I bought some from Lidl but only use them for doors lol

(Sean) #1684

I don’t think your DSP5200SE’s are gonna be sliding around under cable weight any time soon :grin:

(Chris ) #1685

:joy: :joy: If they do, the earth really did move :joy:

(shlomo reichani) #1686

image My set on the photo is completely connected to both my sources which are Cary Audio DAC DMS-500
and my reference DMC-600SE . I must admit that the Roon software not only makes it so informative and open endless music sources from all around using the Roon+Tidal which is a stellar combination.
The Roon simply improve the sound in so many ways and all I can say is B R A V O !
My huge stereo setup needed Roon in order to fully enjoy listen to so much geners of music in a superb
quality and clarity… I Love Roon …
this is my set up which include the Rex 2 By B.A.T both the PreAmp and the MonoBlocks …
I am using all cables by Purist Audio The Dominus new Line in all connections .
Here is a photo of my stereo with a remote Roon install on Samsung Tab… My core Music (133000 tracks)
is based on an IMac as main storage… All I miss in Roon excellent software is a Theather View option…
This will make it PERFECT… Just imagine that presentation of all the information Roon provide in a slick show during the playback… GO AHEAD ROON AND MAKE OUR DAY !!!
Enjoy the music all guys.

(Chris ) #1687

You need a Manfrotto Tripod next :joy:Looks a lot of fun…

(Anders Vinberg) #1688

Saw Darko’s doorstops, Amazon has them.

(Kevin) #1689

This must be the audiophile version. :wink: ($114.59 USD)