Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


Finally, something cheaper in Aus than the US.

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I’m seeing $64.41 USD. You must be looking at the de-oxygenated gold-plated version.

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Love my Merdian Explorer I and II. At $199, the Explorer II (MQA if you care) is a great value. Have a handful of other DAC/Amps but seems I return to Merdian & my ROON pkg.


You look at the proven Small Green Computer i5 sonicTransporter yet? = highly recommend on all (user & SQ) accounts.


Just discovered how to do basic video editing today - so decided to buck the trend and upload a system video instead of photos:

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Nice…gave you your first like in YT

Why does your username sound so familiar…???

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Nice chessboard :wink:

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I got the receiver for free yesterday so i`m making it my headphone amp in my new headphone corner. Stole the Ropieee from my kids room, he only listens to Spotify anyway. :smile:


No, haven‘t heard of it. Interesting, will check it out. Thanks for the tip!


Who are you referring to wizardofoz?

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He’s done a video of them that’s now up on the site!

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Love it.

Latest news - stainless steel door stop stock prices go through the roof, manufacturers can’t keep up with demand, prices rise.

Just wait for the $1000 Audiofool versions :grin:

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You :stuck_out_tongue:


So what’s YT? I have this username on a couple of other forums, maybe that’s where?


@extracampine Awesome setup and great video. I’m sure it sounds better in person than on my Pixelbook speakers. Very nice!

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YouTube…yes maybe another Hifi forum

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@Astr0b0y yes!! Thanks. Shipping from OS had proven prohibitive.

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Still trying to recover from the R. Astley tease though!


Maybe the CA forum?