Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Marco Kohler) #1711

My nice Setup. Piega coax 711 and devialet 440 pro

(Cees Vreugdenhil) #1712

For those who are still interested…

(Marco Kohler) #1713

back to normal

(GaryM) #1714

Nice. I feel mellow already…


My 55" Sony is mounted on textured brick above the mantle on my fireplace. The brick is painted a dark, dark gray. I ran the HDMI cable behind my bookshelf speaker on the left, and the power cable behind the left speaker. I covered the cable with duct tape, then painted over the tape to match the brick. The tape picks up the texture of the brick. The only way to see the cables is to feel for it!

(Ben McGuire) #1717

I just got my rack back together and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look exactly like this! But hey, misery loves company~

I’ll get mine under control after I get things into their final spots. I really like the one above that’s all routed inside channels on the back of the equipment rack.


nice video and cool Equipment :slight_smile:

(Derek Wyman) #1719

I can’t find a pic but at one time I had all my boxes affixed to the back of the tv (transport, switch, homerun, harmony etc. ) worked well to a point. But after moving/adding/switching components on the rack the wore management went to hell.

My favorite solution was the guy that had a closet in the adjacent room with everything in it. Made for a clear look listening room but had easy access to everything from the back. Unfortunately my adjacent room is a hallway lol.

(Daniel Lundh) #1720

I put a Sony SRS-ZR5 in the bedroom today.
After connecting to WiFi (yes. it does 5GHz even though no spec tells you) and enabling Chromecast Roon just picked it up and I was off to the races.

It sounds good but focuses a lot on bass. It’s so small I’d think they’d just brush over it but they really went to town with the bass.

(Martin Webster) #1721

I don’t need a travel adaptor to visit Singapore … you learn something new every day.

(simon arnold) #1722

It’s on old colony so no.

(Andreas Hahn) #1723

My setup:

  • roon control, core & output application on a Mac Mini Server (Late 2012), 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Fusion Drive 2TB with UpTone Audio Mac mini DC-Conversion / Linear Fan Controller Kit (MMK) and UpTone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply and connected to an Apple Thunderbolt Display.
  • UpTone Audio ISO REGEN
  • Questyle CMA600i DAC, Headphone amp and Pre amplifier
  • TRIGON DWARF II mono power amplifier
  • Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones
  • Bowers & Wilkins CM6 S2 loudspeakers on custom made stands


I love those Mac Mini supports, coming from a good Bordeaux :grinning:?

(Andreas Hahn) #1725

THX mate, I think it was either Bordoux or Chianti… can’t remember…:wine_glass::grimacing::wine_glass: and Cheers


Thinking myself of getting one of those new Mac Minis. Just have to think about the right wine going with it :grinning:

(Larry Megugorac) #1727

The 2012 MAC Minis work great because you can upgrade the RAM and put in a 1TB SSD for your Music files and a 1TB HDD for Backup…all in the same box. Then convert it to run on 12VDC then get a
to power that 12 volts and any other device that uses DC as this LPS has adjustable outputs!


(Darko.Audio contributor) #1728

Can’t help thinking it would sound sweeter with corks from a nice Riesling (Sauternes would be over the top of course).


I guess this cannot be done with the new generation Mac Minis?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1730

Upgrading RAM is possible, but not for the fainthearted:

(Larry Megugorac) #1731


There is plenty of 2012-2013 Mac Mini’s to be had on E-Bay…They are way more modifiable than the recent release and you can get a i7 processor for plenty of speed. Also put in 16 MB RAM without breaking the bank.

And of course Roon has their own units now, that I have read are pretty nice as well…