Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


Thanks for the tip getting a used Mac Mini! I‘ll look into it!


As I am digitally fainthearted, not an option for me :grinning:

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it’s way easier…in fact IFIXIT shows you how on a 2012 system that’s easier than 2018 units…


You talking to me?

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Good lord - I want to listen to those speakers!


Most kind :blush:

They are very nice, combining speed and clarity in the highs/mid with nice solid, accurate bass

They’re not especially cheap (although that’s all relative I suppose) but I do think they nonetheless represent solid value given what you get for your $$


They’re Mana platforms I believe

I have a pair under my power amps

(Chris ) #1740

Ahhh yes, you are right. Mana Acoustics. A mate sold them to me when he had to clear space. Thanks for remembering.

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My setup with Arendal Sound Tower 1723 Speakers, Audiolab MDAC Plus preamp/dac, Advance Acoustic XA160 poweramp, Intel Nuc i7, Dirac Live Room Correction System, Tubulus cables and XTZ loudspeaker cable. Arendal Sound is a young loudspeaker brand from Norway. The Tower 1723 is a huge speaker, with 4 eight inch woofers/midwoofers. They have three ports on the back, but are in fact configured to use as closed speakers. They weigth over 50 kg a piece. One could think that these speakers are all about power, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! They have a very clean and deep bass and huge dynamics but delivered with real finesse. Soundstage is huge. You can only buy them directly from manufacturer and you can try at home for 8 weeks. The Advance Acoustic Poweramp is a French manufacturer. For the first Watts it operates in Class A. It has a huge power reserve.


I like this set up, but why not paint the white conduit up to the screen the same colour as the wall?

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@Cantodea Excellent set-up. Can you describe in details how you are using Dirac together with the nuc? Are you using the nuc with roon Rock installed? Or Roon core is running for a remote pc? Thanks a lot

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Yes @Cantodea love to hear the integration of Dirac Live and NUC.


Looking at the 4th picture, it looks like patterned wallpaper.

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Just in time for 2018 to close and to enjoy long winter nights listening to music I doubled down and now upgraded to Devialet Expert 400 with Roon. B&W800 D2s as before.

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Awesome. In past demo’s, this was my favourite integrated driving the 800D2’s (to my ears/tastes).


gorgeous room.

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Not mine, but had to share!


As an aside is Dirac Live much better than using REW generated filters with Roon?


Yes, so do I lol :slight_smile: My room is symmetrical - do you still think Dirac live will be much better?

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