Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Ben D) #1753

(Mikael Ollars) #1754

Where’s the mobile absorber? (the dog) :smiley:

(Johan) #1755

Hello, Roon and Dirac is installed on the NUC that is running Windows 10. For now it is the only way to use Dirac. With the coming of Dirac 2 next year, thing will be different. For what I know now, it should be possible to load the Dirac correction files (VST or so) into Roon. However, you need a pc with OSX or Window 10 to run the test and calibration software. Also, there are more and more hardware solutions like minidsp but also some pre-amplifiers like the forthcoming NAD C 658. It will have BLUOS, Roon endpoint, full MQA and Dirac on board. It is highly on my list for next summer.

(Claire Fox) #1756

Still ‘zorbing up the frequencies
The man of the house.

(Mikael Ollars) #1757

Lovely! :slight_smile: He looks like a Leonberger, or possibly a Serra da Cabo da Estrela?
If you feel like it, post him here too?

(Patrick Vanmassenhove) #1758

(Patrick Vanmassenhove) #1759

(Sascha T.) #1760

Sheesh what a lovely dog :blush: :dog: Congrats!

(Johan) #1761

I have tried REW/Convolver, HAF and Dirac. In my opinion Dirac is still the best. REW/convolver is free and is therefore a very good alternative, but it’s not at the same level of Dirac. HAF, hmmm… I tried it over and over again and alltough it isn’tbad and for some of us it will be more tha enough, I like REW and Dirac more, because I can modify the filters myself. With HAF you have to ask Thierry (which is a great guy) te redo a filter if you are not satisfied.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #1762

It would be nice if you could see the top half of Jimmy’s and Robert’s heads!


And how do these compare to room treatments, do you think?

(Johan) #1764

Honestly, I have no experience with room treatments (WAF), but I think good room treatments and DSP must be audio Walhala!
If you have a partner that allows some room treatments, I would go that way first… and finetuning with Dirac/HAF/REW-convolution…
Oh, and allways get your speaker placement right on the first place…

(Kees van der Wal) #1765

Your setup is nice, your dog is beautiful…:joy:

(Jeremy) #1766

Nice setup. If I recall you had large ATC’s at one time. I like the rennovation you did on that old building - was it a barn before? Simply beautiful with those large windows. Scotland is one of if not THE most beautiful places in the world. Rough weather though!

(Powered Two_Wheeler) #1767

Goodness me! Easily the most inspired set up I’ve seen.

(Staatskapelle) #1768

Do you use the Yamaha CD player’s DAC or just as a transport with the Mytek?

I ask because I’ve been impressed by how Yamaha voices their CD players.

(Patrick Vanmassenhove) #1770

I stream to the SoTM 200 ultra and the Mytek dac is connect to the Yamaha reciever
The server is audioaanzee
The cd player is without dac,(already old)

(Staatskapelle) #1771

I also prefer the older Mac Mini’s since they are easier to modify.

I have two of the 2012 Mac Mini’s and have replaced their drives with SSDs and maxed the RAM - so responsive.

(Claire Fox) #1772

An old bothy I rebuilt in 2000-2012. (v1) Became a fire damaged wreck in March 2012 after a stove fitter (installer error) burned down the house where we lost everything so we rebuilt it to be super insulated, super efficient and zero bills (in effect, v2). I traded possession/media replacement for infrastructure and zero bills, insurance settlement paid off mortgage and debt. Needed a bit of blue sky thinking and embraced a clutter free and mostly material media and physical book-free life. It affected me very deeply, I was a hoarder, this reset that instinct.

I wanted to bulldoze it and build an entirely new structure with entirely modern materials such as smart glass and polycarbonates, steel and resin but there were too many walls remaining up according to the planning office so we had to rebuild the outside to look like it was within reason, the big windows were allowed and inside was up to me… so I went for light, light, light and more light… hard to imagine but the slate floor is under all that and that the new living space is on top of that. I want to do a new build (v3) sometime soon.

(Neil Poynter) #1773

Hi all,

I’ve got my Roon Core on a SSD hard drive linked to a Synology two drive RAID 3TB NAS. This is controlled through a Mac Mini. The main music system is a Naim ND5 XS2 through a NAC122x, NAP150x and Hicap DR power supply to a pair of Focal Aria 926. I’ve then got a Naim Mu-so Qb in my bedroom. Then in the office I’m playing it all through my Mac Mini and a pair of Ruark Mr1 active speakers using the optic link and core audio exclusive mode on Roon.

In case you haven’t noticed I love NAIM! lol