Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Mike) #1815

@dvb-projekt :star_struck: very nice.

(Wim) #1816

My Darko Doorstop Stack.
Waiting for my vintage Technics SU-8600 to returning from being refurbished.

(Jeroen Top) #1817

Hi Tobin,

I bought these without auditioning them. They had to be overwhelming (for me) with a small footprint in our room (for my wife). You probably are familiar with that.
I could hardly get them in the Netherlands, so after some research I bought two A’Divas on the internet for our dining room. That turned out quite well. My wife loves both the sound and the looks and I really like them sound wise. So much that we decided for Anthony Gallo as our speakers of choice.

I really like them and they are beefy enough, but you have to remember they only go to about 80Hz, attached to the wall even less. So we ended up with a subwoofer in both rooms. In the dining room we generally listen to the radio and TV and we don’t use de subwoofer on a regular basis, they are quite good as I said.

I never heard the micro’s, so can’t help you with that. The Strada’s are another class but that won’t surprise you. Regards!

(fernand lambert) #1818

Hint: you should provide the DS218+ with 4GB extra and add an external ssd at the Synology and install Roon on it. I mean not having Roon on the same hard-disc as your music files

(Jeroen Top) #1819

Hi Fernand,
Thanks for the tip, just what I did but I failed to draw it in my sketch. If I remember correctly that was the advice in the installation guide. We have 5 physical zones (rooms) and a plethora of mobile gear and everything runs smooth with Roon.
Enjoy the holidays!

(fernand lambert) #1820

Yes, it was advised somewhere, still it would be better to have it on a Nuc.
Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear


(Daniel Beyer) #1821

Steve Wilson had really good sound at his concert actually.

(Chris ) #1822

The halls are decked… lol

(Darko.Audio contributor) #1823

The good old ‘Darko Doorstep stack’. He’s going to love that!!

(paul baldovin) #1824

I wanted both streaming and music files all in one place with a touchpad remote. I decided to dedicate a MacBook Pro for that sole purpose with its terabyte hard drive space for music. So Roon Core sits on the laptop ready to go with Roon remote on the ipad (which is also dedicated) gets me to all my music easy peasy. By the way, do yourself a favor and Enable “Guided Access” in your iOS settings and your iPad and the Roon app are locked so it’s the only app running. For the rest of the system I use a Logitech unifying remote for control of the Rotel integrated amp, LG TV, Xfinity cable box, Apple TV, and Xbox.


always thought the 500 series was Alan Boothroyd’s best design.

(Chris ) #1826

Yes, I agree. That’s why I keep them. The 518 is used for TV and DAB inputs. I add gain. 596 for CD occasionally. They look so so good…


Just got my Mac Mini i7 today (6-core, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD internal storage). It sits in my office, my library is on a Samsung 2 TB SSD and it streams music via Ethernet Cat 7a to my Devialet Expert 120 two floors downstairs. It is remote-controlled with my iPad Mini. Library management and display is lightning fast!

Right out of the box, it sounds sweet. I might have to adjust some parameters still, but I like the sound very much. I have the impression that I hear highs just a tad better than when streamed from my MacBook Pro. But I need to do more careful listening. Sweet sounding unit anyway!

(Tobin Harris) #1828

Many thanks for the info. I’m going to speak to AG :slight_smile:

(Mike) #1829

Congratulations, I’ll be ordering one in the New Year too. Happy Holidays.


Happy Holidays to you too! And enjoy that little thingy once it arrives!

(Johan) #1831

Are the Phantoms Roonready?

(Steve) #1832



(Mike) #1833

Not yet… it’s promised soon.


I can imagine. I really like his albums and also the remastering he does. I hope to see him playing live sometime in the future.