Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Ian) #1855

Super! Will we see you over on Devialet Chat…?

(Ramiro Salas) #1856

Speakers: LX Mini
Amp: ATI 1505
DAC/Digital crossover: miniDSP 2x4HD
USB Cleaner: Schiit Wyrd
Roon Controller/Player: MSI Cubi3 Silent connected via Gigabit Ethernet.
Turntable: Fluance RT-83 (connected to the analog inputs of the miniDSP, switching from USB by remote control.
Rack: Lovan

Not pictured: 12TB QNAP NAS.

This is my entry livingroom setup that includes the controller. I have also 2 other Roon endpoints using Lumin D2 DAC/Streamers, one in a family room and the other in a dedicated home theater room. The controller has no problem managing all at once.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1857

I registered about a week ago – but it’s not a lively place, is it?

(Fredrik) #1858

Not like Devialet chat was a few years ago. I used to own at first a D200 moved on to D400 and finally upgraded to 440Pro but sold it and got a complete TAD system. Still have a single Silver Phantom in my second system so I check in at the chat sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mark Edwards) #1859

Very nice Rene.

Please straighten your :framed_picture:


(Rene Bouwmeester) #1860

(GaryM) #1861

Now you need a larger TV

(Roel) #1862

That was the first thought that crossed my mind.

I really like the clean setup.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1863

Nah… If anything, it could be smaller. Neither my wife nor me are big watchers.

It was selected carefully for how it looked when turned off. :slight_smile:

(Sean) #1864

Still using Dirac? Or Roon bitperfect to the Phantoms/Dialog?

(KMP14) #1865

How do you like the Fluance? I am digging what they are doing at Fluance. As a turntable fan and restorer, I usually lean toward vintage tables, but Fluance seems to be doing good things at very reasonable prices.

(Ramiro Salas) #1866

I’m very satisfied with the Fluance turntable. Just the default setup works great. Of course, you have to manually assemble it and calibrate the arm weight, which is tedious and time intensive, but conceivably only a 1-time thing to do. I have it connected to an Emotiva XPS-1 phono pre-amp (not depicted) and then to my miniDSP. Excellent quality.


It looks like you have slightly toe out the Phantoms? I have mine toe in to the sweet spot. Any particular reason or are they heading straight and the impression of toe out comes from the camera optics? Very nice setup!

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1868

Roon PCM straight in for now. I needed Dirac with the Meridians to smooth out a few nasty nodes in the sub 180Hz region in this room. Things measure (and sound) much better with uncorrected Phantoms – so I’m fine for now.

Camera optics – they’re dead straight. I played around with toe in a bit in the temp setup, but noticed no big differences. Maybe I’ll try a bit of toeing later – but as I’m not the only one enjoying music in this home, I like my sweet spot big. :smiley:


They could look less like nipples… :slight_smile:



(Mike O'Neill) #1871

Love the wireless look

(Mikael Ollars) #1872

A slight update on my flow chart:


Looks a great set-up - maybe add speakers? Plus I have flow chart jealously!

(Mikael Ollars) #1874

Thx Ross, I considered the speakers/phones and amps part, but decided they were destined for the upcoming “Analogue flow chart”! :wink: