Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


Could you do my flow chart, please, pretty please?

How to setup zones for Nucleus
(Will Bailey) #1876

I had to wipe my mouth twice, I love it.

(Danny Dulai) #1877

Did you make your own LX Mini or did you buy? If you built, did you document it?

The very first photo in this very long topic has @rovinggecko’s Linkwitz Pluto in it! I’ve wanted to make one since that post but never got around to making time.

(Ramiro Salas) #1878

Thanks. I built them. I documented my overall experience here. These days you can buy the entire kit from Madisound. I still believe there is nothing like them for the money. They will change your perspective on how speakers should sound.

(rovinggecko) #1879

Love at @Ramiro_Salas 's LX Mini’s!

Siegfried Linkwitz passed away recently, but his legacy is still very much alive.
Next to madison, on the EU side of the pond there is for parts, but also for finished products, of his entire series.

Since kicking off this topic, I’ve added a pair of LX521’s to the stack, don’t believe I’ve shared that here yet…

It keeps amazing me how both the Pluto and the LX521 are able to present a stage and make the walls of the room disappear.
Frankly the biggest step difference that the LX521 adds is the ’ foundation’ (bass). But you could always grow out to LXmini+2 or LXstudio.

Still love both of them! It is really fun to build them yourself, but if you do not have time, you can always consider magixlx521 or a second hand pair. Any of them, you can’t really go wrong :slight_smile:

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1880

Is that a television or a monitor?

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1881

It’s a true and tried telly – 43”. 4K even.

Kind of regret buying it, but the 40” was sold out.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1882

Really, that television bench is huge then and the Phantoms are way bigger than I imagined.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1883

Yeah, it’s wide: 240cm – just enough for the Phantoms to have good separarion. And agreed – the Phantoms are chuncky beasts. :slight_smile:

(Ramiro Salas) #1884

Beautiful setup!. I have also a pair of LX521.4 with the new ASP, powered by ATI amps (Siegfried’s favorites for what he told me himself). I also tried the base unit alone with the LX Minis to build a LX Studio and it was outstanding!. I wrote some additional thoughts here. SL’s passing was a great loss for the entire audiophile and DIY community, but I really hope his passion and example will live on for the next generation of tinkerers.

(Danny Dulai) #1885

@RBM, did you try out the new little Phantoms? I don’t know how they compare to Golds.

(rovinggecko) #1886

Cool, do like like it over the minidsp setup? I got the beta ASP boards (with the balanced option), finished one of the two and then got sidetracked on another project (my 30 foot sailboat refit). As that project is coming to a close (as far as boats ever do), I’ll be picking this one up again.
The problem with tinkering is that once you start it is hard to stop :).

(Sean) #1888

I have. Gold’s are much better for me. I listen to a lot of electronic/Hip-Hop and for whatever reason/s the Gold’s a noticeably better than the Reactors in the bass/sub-bass regions (to my ears/tastes).

Much less difference (for me) when listening to Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and Neil Young though… who I also love.

(Ramiro Salas) #1889

I couldn’t agree more.
I find the miniDSP setup slightly more “precise”, where every curve is carefully controlled. However, I find the ASP more “natural” and more pleasing to my ears. Interestingly, I’ve played with a lot of different filters and settings on HQPlayer for DSD transformations. With the miniDSP, I could not hear the difference between them many times, while on ASP, you can hear everything. I wouldn’t go back myself, but I know I’m splitting hairs. I’d gladly have an LX521.4 system with miniDSP instead of a traditional setup any day.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1890

Dealer showroom only, I’m afraid – so limited experience. And it’s a bit hard to compare given the little Reactors don’t yet play in a stereo setup.

Comparing one-on-one, the Reactor seems to lack a bit of presence overall – and as @Sean2016 says are less convincing down below. Where the Gold sometimes touches on offering a bit too much of the good stuff, the Reactor felt a bit empty sometimes. Most of this could be related more to listening to just one speaker compared to playing in stereo than to the Reactor itself though.

I’m using the Golds in my 15x5m living room, but I can image that in a smaller room (say 4x6), the Reactor could just as good or even better suited.


It sounds a bit like when a friend of mine got the Apple HomePod and proudly demoed it to me. Ofcourse the Phantoms are in a completely different league, so this is just an example. But with the HomePod I had to bite my lip not to say I was massively unimpressed. I ended up saying that I missed the stereo effect. So later he got another HomePod and paired the two and suddenly it sounded good, very much more live and “there”. Possibly the same kind of positive effect with having two Reactors.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1892

Yup. I did compare one Phantom vs. one Reactor for good measure – but a single speaker is not a great experience.

The difference between one and two Golds is huge – just like you describe with the Homepods.

(Mike) #1893

My morning “Bastelprojekt”! A Raspberry Pi, with 7" touch screen, a HiFiBerry AMP2, and RoPieee. It really does sound pretty impressive! And with a bit of filing it all fits into the standard 7" display case.

(Dominique) #1894

This is my Roon station, the speakers are Nubert - which many of you probably do not know. They are a german company that to my taste make great speakers, been a fan for a long time. In the middle there is a center speaker by Canton - which is only used for movies. At the top is a motor screen, which comes down for movie night (another hobby…)

(Mr Fix It ) #1895

@rovinggecko @Ramiro_Salas I too have (all 4 of) SL’s last designs, my Orion’s are 2nd hand and built by Wood Artistry, but the Pluto, LXmini and LX521 are all built by me.

I was at a small gathering the other week in Singapore with Frank of Magiclx521 who was in town and we we playing the lxmini with some of his demo tracks…stunning audio scene that these speakers can create. Frank’s Powerbox setups are a great solution…not cheap but worth it for sure.