Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Espen) #1896

Hi - my first post here, lurking for some month, pretty new Roon subscriber. Here is a quick sketch of my headphone listening post.

(Oliver Mai) #1897

Short update from my rig.

Today i added the 7“ Touchdisplay from RPi.
Really cool to see whats running…

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1898

There are some really great line diagrams using grahic software to represent their HiFi connectivity, can anyone share what it is that they are using?

(Espen) #1899 is a simple but pretty good one (that I used above), works online, maybe best with Chrome. Powerpoint, Visio, OmniGraffle, Sparx EA - works all great.

(Ramiro Salas) #1900

As a Mac user, I typically use Omnigraffle for all my diagramming needs. Recently, however, my company started to use RealTimeBoard and I’m loving it for almost any kind of diagram, particularly when you want to collaborate with other people. For Windows, there is always Visio.

(Mike) #1901

Apple Keynote

(Reader of the Internets) #1902

My favorite.

+--------------+          +--------------+          +---------------+
|              |          |              |          |               |
|              |          |              |          |               |
|     Core     |          |    Router    |   WiFi   |    RPi 3 B+   |
|              +---------->              +---------->    RoPieee    |
|              |          |              |          |               |
|              |          |              |          |               |
+--------------+          +--------------+          +-------+-------+
                                                            | USB
+-------------------+       +----------------+      +-------v-------+
|                   |       |                |      |               |
|                   |       |                |      |               |
|    Cambridge      |       |     Onkyo      |      | Mytek Liberty |
|    Soundworks     <-------+    TX-8050     <------+               |
|    Ensemble II    |       |                |      |               |
|                   |       |                |      |               |
+-------------------+       +----------------+      +---------------+

(James) #1903

You could try a projector, especially if you don’t watch a lot, as the rest of the time it’d look like wall. And when you do watch, nothing beats a good projector :sunglasses:

Did you retire 5200SE in favour of phantoms? How are you finding them in comparison?

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1904

Thank you guys. So before I look at any of these individually, are they capable of image import, thus representing the components of the setup I have?

(Magnus) #1905

I use Paint.NET, free and fairly easy to use (like a Photoshop light).

(Bart Verhoeven) #1906

Finally got around to putting everything in a diagram.


I have a Roon Nucleus for trial from my local dealer. It looks nice, but what is more important, it beats my Mac Mini hands down! I guess I’ll keep the Nucleus, there’s no going back once you heard the sound of a Nucleus. It also beats my previous Aurender N100H in terms of clarity and detail. Wow, what a revelation!!
I need to do something about bundling the cables in a reasonable way.

(Mike) #1908

Is it connected it via USB?


There has been some changes in my system, so some new photos:


Yes. As far as I know, there’s no other way to connect the Nucleus: Ethernet in, USB out.
I am using a Van den Hul USB Ultimate. I also have an Audioquest Diamond USB cable, but I like the Van den Hul better, it is a little bit mor revealing.

(Mike) #1911

You can also use Devialet/Roon AIR with it too, as with the Mac mini. I’m interested if you hear a big difference between AIR and USB with the Nucleus.

(Ralph Pantuso) #1912

Part one: secondary audio systems

This is in my garage - Squeezebox Classic (via wi-fi) with analog output to a JVC compact system (with a very inexpensive subwoofer)

The above is in the guest bedroom - Squeezebox Receiver with analog output to Sony mini system

The above is in the secondary TV/computer room - Squeezebox Classic with digital output into Sony soundbar with subwoofer

(Ralph Pantuso) #1913

Part two - main audio systems

The above is the bedroom system - Squeezebox Touch with digital output to Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital with headphone jack and analog output to Audio Refinement integrated amp to Energy Veritas 2.0 speakers (not shown)

Above is the Home Theatersystem - Squeezebox Touch with digital output to Marantz Home Theater Receiver to Energy Veritas 2.1 speakers & Linn subwoofer

This system also has two other Roon endpoints - a Google Chromecast (which works great and provides a nice and large “Now Playing” screen on the TV) and the Marantz HTR is an AirPlay endpoint.

The above two photos show the Computer Room system - Squeezebox Touch with digital output to Headroom Desktop amp with built-in DAC with analog output to Aragon 4004 power amp to Energy Veritas 2.1 speakers & Energy subwoofer.

And finally these last two photos show the Living Room (main music room) system - Squeezebox Transporter analog output to SimAudio preamp to SimAudio power amp to Vandersteen 3A Signatures & Vandersteen subwoofer. And there is also a shelf mounted Linn LP-12 for full analog playback featuring easy to read album liner notes. The second photo shows the view from my listening chair aka the sweet spot.


Didn’t know that! I’ll try and let you know when Igel AIR running with Nucleus.

(Ged) #1915

Wowser! That really is a packed house.