Shrink to taskbar reopens in blank page, Asus notebook


Not a major problem but a curious one. I have my Roon Core running on my main PC, Core i5 6600 Win 10, 16g RAM, OS on a 500g m.2 SSD, music on a 500g spinning HD, around 13000 tracks, I am running Roon as a controller on a Win10 Asus notebook ( ASUS T100TA) If I shrink the app to the taskbar with the - at the top right of the window and then maximize it, I get a blank white screen with a the Roon Logo and “Roon” in small font in the upper left corner. It will just stay that way until I close Roon and relaunch. If I leave Roon maximized and open another app I can switch from app to app without problems. I just have to remember not to minimize Roon via the - unless I want to lose it. Both machines are running the latest version . 1.6(401) The notebook only has 2g of RAM and a 64g ssd for the OS, Display resolution is 1366 x 768. The notebook has an Intel Atom 64bit processor but is running a 32 bit copy of Windows and 32 bit Roon.

This is almost certainly an interaction between the Intel graphics driver and the OpenGL software used by Roon on your notebook. It’s come up plenty of times before in the forum.

A workaround that usually works (if you were running 64bit Windows) is to install the 32bit version of Roon on your notebook. However, I see you are running 32bit Windows, and the 32bit version of Roon, and this isn’t working. Your best bet is to try an find another version of the Intel graphics driver for your notebook, I’m afraid.

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OK, thanks. More of a curiosity than a real problem and I’m sure there are real problems to work on.

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