Shuffle Album (old idea of a CD changer)

This post is due to an advice from Dylan Caudill to add this here:

I want to shuffle Albums in the following way:

  1. Go to Album

  1. Select a number of Albums or all albums

  2. Shuffel Album (and not tracks in those album) means
    play Album 1 or any of the selected - Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4 till end of Album
    then any random Album - Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4 till end of Album
    the again any random Album - Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4 till end of Album

Cant find a solution, the shuffle function in the upper left, does shuffle songs and not albums.


+1, that would be a handy feature.

I have this feature with my mobile device using Poweramp player.

Actually I would love to see this feature out of any category… Also when I go to genre, select albums of the respective genre (all or some) and shuffle them album wise.

Especially for album rock… I almost never listen to just one track of Pink Floyd… Most time i pick albums to listen… But that’s me, maybe different people do this differently…

As I collect Albums an not just tracks… This is the way I listen through my collection all the time. I have to do it manually now with roon and I m just wondering this doesn’t work already…


I don’t believe it can be done natively, but with the help of an extension it can.

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, my skills on qnap, installing docker or whatever required are that low, i fear im not able to get this running…

Be great if people searched and bumped existing requests, rather than duplicate with new topics.

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Hello Larry,

I tried again and could manage to install everything…

Actually its not the way i wantet to get there, but damn it works… Thanks a lot…

Im still waiting for a fulll implementation by Roon itself, but meantime, i can manage with the extension.

Greets from Austria


Great, yeah, it’s not ideal but not a bad work around.


You might be right… Sad enough to see, that a request from 2016 is still not implemented…

If would be in roon development, I would open a permanent poll, where any request will be taken into the list, so any new member can roam through the list and add his vote to the request. 1 vote per feature per member account avoid double and triple votes…

This would give a clear rating through the years and as well a priority list… And avoid also multi posts to the same request…

As long as something like this is not there, I feel it’s important that new members post older feature request again if they want to have it, so it stays in mind and shows that there is a whish from customer…

Kind regards

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I have posted previously on the lack of this extremely simple but incredibly sensible and much needed function but here we go again!

With over 5k albums I really do forget what I have and it would be wonderful to hit shuffle-album and see what Roon pulls up for me.
Based on nothing mind, just a completely random selection.
Why on earth Roon thinks we might truly just want to shuffle the entire track content is totally beyond my understanding.

So come on Roon, it ain’t that hard to program, even Discogs can manage it!!


Extra please? Please +++

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I disagree with my thread being merged into this one as the feature request is considerably different!

All I want is when we select shuffle to have an option of tracks or albums.
No faffing about picking a set of albums to shuffle from.
So can you please separate my thread as I feel it is quite different.

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However I guess it is totally irrelevant as the other thread is dated 2019 and jack sh!t was done about that suggestion so mine has no more chance of becoming a reality.

Well quite. There were already at least three threads that I linked asking for the functionality you’re asking for (from 2016) before this one appeared!

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Either this or any other way, im also waiting for this Function to be implemented but maybe we are Not enough to consider this simple add to be done…


Can roon do something as simple as a shuffle by album feature as I am used to in iTunes or foobar2000 ?
I want to listen to randomly picked albums (but without shuffling the tracks of that album) and then to the next randomly picked album (but without shuffling the tracks of that very album) and so on…
Unfortunately there is no manual to read what roon can do…


This idea is already in #roon:feature-requests:

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Been asked for many times over the years by many members in threads new and old.

All to deaf ears it seems!

For example, just one of many.

I truly have no idea just why Roon are so averse to this extremely simple request!

I certainly do not need/ want anything as complicated as the thread @BlackJack refers to though.
A very simple totally random album shuffle is all I am requesting/ have requested.


And I wish mods would just STOP moving my posts on this subject into THIS thread because this is absolutely not close to what I want or am requesting!!!

How hard is it to tell the difference between the request of this thread and my request of just a dead nuts simple totally random album shuffle.
I guess this is why it never gets done…

But - unfortunately - it prevents me from buying roon.
So, I have to return from time to time and ask in roon is meanwhile as useful as iTunes is :wink:

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