Shuffle and Focus

When i choose Tracks, and then decided to shuffle the library the player choose a percentage of all the tracks. In my case 6000 out of 22,000 is there a way to adjust this number to more or less

I’d like to propose a similar feature with regards to Focus. I just recently started using Roon, and I mostly stream Tidal tracks and just fill in missing music that I have from my own local library. At this point, I have close to 30,000 tracks that I have imported over in the form of albums, and I just shuffle the entire library unless I am in the mood for something specific. It’s easy enough to skip any track if I have heard enough or don’t care to listen to it.

What would be great would be to have the ability to focus on never played tracks, but only at a specified percentage. I may want to slip in a more popular song once in a while. Something like 75% never played with 20% most played and 5% some specific genre or a particular artist.

This probably isn’t something most people would even consider, but I typically add only albums to my library, with the intent to give each track a listen at some point. I like the idea that when I shuffle my library, any track could potentially play at any given time, though I might want to mostly focus on songs that have never been played yet. This same feature could apply to least played if everything in a library has already been played at least once.

Loving Roon and how intuitive it seems. I believe I owe a huge thanks to all of the users that have submitted feature requests and helped to quash bugs. I’m enjoying Roon in a very mature state (not me, the software :)), and it seems wonderful.

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