Shuffle anyone?

I will start with just admitting it. I’m a shuffler.
Yes indeed. I rarely pick an album and just listen to it in full.
Mostly I will filter/focus my library and then hit shuffle.
I like the diversity.

But, and here is my suggested feature, I don’t really like it that the shuffle function is totally random. I would like it if I could give some priority to more recently added music and music that has not been played many times or has not played for a long period of time.
I would implement such a feature with 3 sliders

  1. Recently added
  2. Number of plays
  3. Last time played
    With all sliders in the middle the shuffle behaves as today. Fully random. When pushing the slider to the right or left more or less weight is given to that attribute giving the corresponding tracks higher chance of getting selected and played.

Anyone? Or am I alone in this shuffled world? :slightly_smiling_face:


Focus can be your friend, once you pick a focus parm, by using the 3 fields on the left, you can click the filter selection to albums Most played, and/or played in the last xx days and/or rated.

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It can be done as you described but it has to be done every time. Which is not very convenient
A bookmark will not work since a bookmark saves actual dates and not a dynamic period.
If I do as you suggest right now and filter for music added in the last week and then bookmark it it will translate “last week” to actual dates which are saved to the bookmark. This bookmark will become useless after a few days.

I like to select tracks, then select the heart for Fav tracks, then hit shuffle

Same here, but I have more then 10K favorites and would like to give some priority to the new stuff and stuff that I haven’t listened to for a while. That’s why I would like to have some control over the shuffle.

I’m not a shuffler, however if what you describe were implemented then I would definitely shuffle more. Gets my vote :+1:

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Hi, my name is Jim, and I am a shuffler.

I’d be ok with having the number of Plays shown on the Queue page, similar to a column that can be seen in the Tracks section. If the Last Played column would be shown as well, near total bliss would be achieved. If this same information could be shown on the section in the Queue where you thumbs Up/Down the next tracks to be played…I’d do some crazy, stupid dance. It would be nice to buzz through and build a quick queue with some fresh music at a glance.

Playing around with the Tracks focus area, I realized that at some point the duplicates that I have from Tidal and Qobuz are apparently no longer appearing, which is great. Before, I would just use Album to shuffle, as I only wanted to play the selected primary versions of the duplicated music. Before it seemed that Tracks matched the total number that was seen in Overview, but now the total number of tracks is much lower, which indicates to me that duplicates are not being counted, and hopefully only the primary version will be randomly picked in shuffle play.

I am currently shuffling Tracks with “-1000 Most Played” and “-Played in the last Year” selected as my Focus. Tracks available to shuffle are 26404 of 44660 with 60418 shown in Overview. There is a LOT of music I have available that is not being listened to, so this will help.

My general strategy with the streaming services has been to add only full albums, which makes things easier when moving from one service to another. Even a one-hit wonder sees the entire album added to my library, so I tend to have an unusually large amount of tracks that I have not heard too frequently, if at all. Been using streaming services going back to the early days of Rhapsody in 2004.

Focus is great, and it is helping a lot, but I really still want anything to randomly play at any moment, with a strong emphasis on rarely/never played music. I mean, if I set the Focus to play rare stuff, I know I will not hear some tune I’ve really enjoyed recently. I’m asking a lot, I know. Selecting a percentage of music to follow my Focus filters would be a solution. That way I could say that I want 75% of my music to be filtered using my Focus requirements, but the other 25% is just pure random selection based on the total number of available tracks. (of course, using only the primary versions where duplicates appear)

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Sorry I should have prefaced my text with “Until Roon implements your Idea” I didn’t mean to imply my idea was better and I do like the idea, I’ll be glad to use it.

I just ran a test using the 25 most played, created a bookmark and then found the 26th most played album and played a few songs a couple of times and the bookmark did dynamically update to move 26 -> 25 and the old 25 -> 26.
Also the date range is not a specific date but a default range, so building a bookmark for Played in the last Year, then clicking the Green selection once will turn it red and then it shows you all albums that have not been played in the last year.
I’ve been using JRiver for years well before Roon, and I can do all this easily with JRiver, so I miss all that functionality and do hope Roon will give us more options and play stats.

I think you’ve come up with a very interesting idea. I don’t know if this will work the way you think it will, but I’m a shuffler and I’d be happy to beta test the concept for Roon. If they’re listening?