Shuffle by Track, not Composition -- Possible?

Normally I prefer that Roon keep a composition together (talking classical music mostly) when shuffling a playlist. But not in every instance.

For instance, I created a playlist of piano pieces that I wanted to shuffle by track. These were short pieces (etudes, preludes, songs, etc) that are treated (Chopin’s Nocturnes, Alkan Etudes, etc) as multi-track compositions but are often played individually.

Is there any way to create a playlist of shuffle-able Tracks as described here? Apologies if this is a repeat topic.

If you added the composition, then the playlist will maintain that relationship. You can create a different playlist by adding the tracks and then it will shuffle them at the track level.

hmmm, still maintaining composition grouping. You don’t mean adding tracks one at a time, do you?

Rugby, well, adding them one track at a time does remove the grouping. Is there any faster way?

If not, I request an easy way to add “decomposed” tracks to a playlist. Perhaps a separate “add” item, or a check box to “add as tracks” if desired. I have about 17 hours of music in this one playlist. Adding them individually isn’t a good solution for me.