Shuffle Change with 763

Thanks Roon for addressing this issue, but something does not seem right. When I go to my tracks and pick shuffle, Roon creates a 5000 track playlist, apparently randomly picked from my library, which I can see when I display the queue. I believe that in 1.7 it was shuffling through my entire library. So do I have to keep selecting a different 5000 queue to go through my whole library?

agree with you…this was not fixed as we wished for

Yes, you would have to restart shuffle every 10 days if you listen 24/7 to get another slice of random picks from your library.

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working pretty good for me, I’m gonna call in sick to work for a couple months:

Mmm. I am still stuck at 5 k playlist. Geob , what is the secret

This is strange. I was consistently stuck at 5000 for the first day, then this morning consistently at 5117. Then when I read geoB post I have been repeating the shuffle process and getting random numbers between 5000 and 5117. I am laughing at the new application of “random” being not quite what I was looking for.

It seems like a loose bolt in the Roon software that still needs to be tightened up. I will wait for the Roon reply.

Perhaps I’m entirely daft, but how is randomly picking 5000 (or 5309 in my case this morning) tracks and adding them to the queue not random? How would adding yet more than 10 + days worth of tracks to the queue make it more random? It appears as if it’s choosing from the entire library now which was the issue with the rollout of 1.8. Random is random, whether it chooses to display the next single track or the next 100,000. Hopefully somebody from Roon can chime in here and clear this up.

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Hi Charles,

Picking 5000 or 5309 randomly is indeed random, but then I am randomly playing through a restructed 5000 volume library. You could argue that I could frequently select a new random 5000 library so the end result is close to playing randomly from the full library as 1.7 used to do. But it isn’t the same as me selecting random from my full library for as many hours, days, weeks as each time that I turn on I just hit the play and it continues on the random selecting.

To carry on rambling, it seems to me that 1.7 did not create a queue, for each next song it just randomly picked the next song from my library. Now it seems from geoB’s post that 1.8 actually creates a play list of some number up, to the full library. It seems a more complicated way to do it, but would certainly work as well for me if it was a full library queue.


Play once, then Queue a couple of times, it’s quick and easy and games the system.

I agree that this is an important distinction. A randomly selected block of 5000 songs from a library of 90,000+ tracks is better than having the first 5000 of those tracks shuffled over and over, but not being able to add 1 song at a time to my queue to create a queue with a specific duration is not the same as the shuffle behavior we have now. Have you seen anyone submit a support request in relation to this?

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I pointed that out to someone with this trouble earlier, just grab any ole song in your library, hit Start Radio and eventually it should randomly play your library, or as I pointed out above, Play and Queue a couple of times, which in my example resulted in 57 days of play time, which is crazy, but fun. I say, let’s go figure out how to game other issues, why torture the Roon Devs when I’m sure they have bigger bugs/issues to work on.

Hi geoB,

You have come up with 2 clever work arounds, but they are bandaids that are not the same as the 1.7 true shuffle that we had. If you use radio it “picks music based on your queue” and re-queining just repeats the limitations of randomly selecting a 5000 queue.

I really hope to hear from Roon soon.

I would say anyone needing more than 10 days worth of randomly selected songs in their queue is a margin case. As you say, let the devs concern themselves with much bigger issues in 1.8.

Hi Charles,

I respectully suggest that you misunderstood me.

Fortunately I don’t think that I fit in the margin case category as I was delighted with 1.7 where it selected only the next 1 at a time in my queue so that I was listening to a true random selection from my library for as long as I was listening whether in one period or in continuing periods.

The way it has been changed in 1.8 it does not matter how many are in the queue, if it is any less than the full library it is no longer random. Admittedly with work arounds it can approximate it, but it is not 1.7.

Aloha nui loa,

But isn’t it choosing from the entire library even if it is only showing 5000 in the queue? I know my shuffle is just by a glance. I guess I’m confused and will remain so. Perhaps 1.7 was also pre-choosing a certain amount of tracks but just not showing them in the actual queue?

Just got Vivaldi into Circle Jerks into Bill Evans into Loretta Lynn. Not sure how much more random shuffle could be!

Hey Dolf. I 100% agree with you. 5k limit is not the same as whole library shuffle. Why do no i need roon if this doesn’t work. I don’t

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Hi Roon,

I appreciate that this would not be your highest priority, but I would appreciate your response so I know where I stand.