Shuffle - Don't always start with first song

I have a playlist on Shuffle, but everytime I hit Play it plays the first song and only THEN shuffles. That seems odd, but if I read some old threads that was going to be made so even the first song was random.

My preference would be to always be random. I understand some people SELECT a first song and then want random.

So my request is that if NO song is selected the first song be ransom, not the first in playlist.



That’s interesting, if I listen to an Audiobook I get caught out by having left shuffle on from earlier. It starts in the middle of the book leaving me scratching my head until the penny drops.
Then if I am in Tracks and click the Heart my favourites only show. The I select Play all and it seem to be a random start.
I don’t tend to use Playlists though.

Can someone tell me how to geta playlist to shuffle? I’ve seen the driections in a community post to use the shuffle button, but I can find no such button.

MacOS running Roon Core.