Shuffle functionality as on JRIVER


Something missing a lot on the way of managing the playing queue, this is something which exists on Jriver is when you add new album on the queue but you want to shuffle only them (see my screenshot below).

Do you think you will add this functionality to Roon and also the way the playing view is working as I think it can be improved in compare of other audio application.


Have you tried adding an album to the play queue and then just hitting the shuffle button ? This is the two crossing arrows to the right of the end time of the now playing track.
You will see it instantly shuffle the tracks.

Hi ncpl

Yes I know this button,have you already use JRiver, I think not because you will understand that you can select for example a list of songs and only shuffle this list of songs without touching the rest of your queue, or adding several album and shuffle them without touching the rest of your queue, you have so many possibility on Jriver we don’t have in Room!!!

You can’t manage a lot your queue in roon it’s really too simple in compare of others audio application.


For classical this is pretty useless.

I would like to be able to randomize playlists by album or by composition. This is available on the Musichi Player.

I also miss the ability to create smart playlists like you can with J River.