Shuffle mode in Roon is repetitive

Core Machine

Core i5, 16GB, no OC, GTX 1880

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Direct use

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Sorry don’t know the answer

Description of Issue

Hello everybody, first of all I am very satisfied about Roon->HQPlayer.>headphones, the only problem comes when I try to go on shuffle with all liked tracks, Has anyone experienced that?

It seems Roon uses a pattern very similar every time, some I finish listening to the same songs (more or less) and many others simply goes forgotten.

Thank you, Luca

That’s a great question @Luca_Melandri2! I’m interested to hear what our other community members have to say, but in the meantime, let’s test by having you play your tracks as usual. Please start by taking a screenshot of your My Library > Tracks page once you’ve pressed shuffle and started play so we have a reference point.

After you’ve played a good number of tracks, go to your history tab and screenshot that. We want to see what order things are coming in so we can try to discern a pattern.

If you don’t mind, please do this a few times (over a couple of days?) and we’ll take a look at what comes up. If we can identify a pattern, we can bump it up to the devs or suggest some workarounds to get you a more varied experience.

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