Shuffle option - buttons on all relevant pages please

This isn’t new, but has irritated me beyond measure with the latest changes implemented in the current Roon release.

I want to choose when and where I shuffle what I listen to. I don’t want your logic, play from here, add to queue or even hear about what Adele wants.

FFS just put a shuffle toggle button on every appropriate page and don’t expect you CUSTOMERS to go along with these bonkers ideas that require menus and play from here to get a simple shuffle to an album or playlist.

Have you explored the “Play Actions” in the Settings? Does this not allow a shuffle button and even to make it the main action if you want?

Thanks Rob - does solve most of my issues, but I still don’t get why Roon simply doesn’t put a shuffle and loop button on every relevant page like Spotify etc. do.

Because some people think it’s absurd based on certain contexts. Some people would never ever shuffle an album, or work. It’s sacrilege to even present the choice. Different strokes. The defaults may not fit your use case, but trust me - if you hang out here long enough you’ll find out that the varieties of human experience and desire are many. I wouldn’t want to be a Roon PM.

Good luck. And glad you found a solve for most of your concerns.