Shuffle Play Songs within Playlists

I am looking for the ability to shuffle songs within the playlist that are saved on Roon? I do not think that this feature currently exists?

Not in the playlist section. But one you click, Play Playlist, then you can go to the queue and select shuffle.

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I cannot seem to find that option on my iPhone remote after I get to play playlist- simply get the queue option no shuffle? Is there another tab/ option I am missing?

On the phone app, it’s under the Now Playing tab.

Add the playlist songs, then tap the bottom bar with the name of the current song playing. That will take you to Now Playing. Tap the crossed arrows icon below the album cover on the right.

Cheers, Greg

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Thanks - I followed your steps - but am not sure whether this let’s me shuffle songs within a playlist that is already created or saved within Roon?

Greg - I think I got it now - the little symbol essentially Is the shuffle function - good stuff thanks mate