Shuffle Playlist?

I have multiple playlists. Some I need to play in the order they are created while others I would prefer to shuffle. The ability to attach a flag to a playlist to make it a fixed order or shuffle playlist would be a great benefit to me and I am sure to others.

You can shuffle the playlist by adding it to the queue and then clicking on “shuffle”.

Blue is “on”, White is “off” is my case.

If shuffle is already set to “on” in the queue you just need to toggle it off then on to shuffle or un-shuffle what is in the queue.

Oh and forgot to mention that you can “shuffle” the playlist to the queue from the drop down:

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Thanks for the reply. I use Shuffle in the way you mention a lot, but this is not what I am looking for.

It’s not clear to me what you are looking for then. Unless you are saying that it’s inconvenient to click the drop down and pick “Shuffle” when you don’t want to hear the tracks in order.

I think he might be looking for a way to “lock” the order of a playlist regardless of the settings for shuffle and a way to indicate that a certain playlist is locked to the order that the tracks were added?

Hi Guys. What I am looking for is a way to set a playlist to be a random (shuffled) playlist or not.This not for me as I am capable of selecting the shuffle option if I need to. This for other users in my household, that for personal reasons I don’t wish to mention. The idea being that when they select a playlist and hit the play button, the playlist they have selected will play in a random order (it doesn’t matter what order as long as it is random). At the moment, they just hear the same songs in the same order and rarely hear any tracks at the end of the playlist. Some playlists need to played in the order they are created with, so they won’t be affected.

I hope this is a bit more clear, but essentially, just take it theat the user is not capable of selecting the shuffle option.

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So what I am hearing is that they cannot hit the down arrow to select “shuffle” option when they play a playlist. Or they are playing the playlist just by hitting “play” after selecting the playlist in some manner.
And you want to be able to add a toggle to the playlist set-up so that when “on” it plays the playlist in random and when “off” it plays the playlist as stored.

BTW, not that this gets you what you want, but I modified the settings under “Settings/play actions” for both “playlists and mixes” and “Tracks in playlists and mixes” and now it seems that if the queue shuffle is on when I add the playlist to the queue it now plays shuffled without having the toggle it on and then off. I set the two areas that I modified back to default and it still works that way. So something in my system might have been not shuffling the playlist when the queue shuffle was on until I modified tone of those settings.

Hi, what you say in your first paragraph is exactly what I am looking for.

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