Shuffle Qobuz tracks

Is there a way to only shuffle Qobuz tracks from my favorite albums. I know I can shuffle my library which includes Qobuz tracks and my library tracks, but I have some multichannel selections in my own tracks and wish to only shuffle tunes from my Qobuz favorite albums.

From the albums pages, select the heart to show only your favourite albums, then use focus and select Storage Locations - Qobuz albums.

Once that’s done, next to the blue “Play Now” icon, click on the small triangle and then click on shuffle.

And then bookmark it. Bonus,It will get continuously updated as qobuz albums are added.

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Thanks for your help! When I select the heart it only shows 24 of my Qobuz albums from my library. How do I get it to show all of my Qobuz albums?

I figured it out. Thank you both!

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