Shuffle without repeat feature request

What I like to do is shuffle any group of songs Album/Playlist and hear them random but NOT hear the same song twice. When that group of songs have all randomly been played then the music stops or goes to Roon Radio however your preferences are setup. Thanks

That should be the standard setup. Do you have the Queue Loop function turned on?

Thanks Mike. No I didn’t have Queue Loop turned on. But I think you pointed me in the right direction. I never noticed the loop and shuffle buttons in the queue page. Typically I just view playing now window. I could swear I hear same songs shuffling music but maybe it’s a mirage. I posted this in support to get help, 6 days go by without response and then Roon asked me to repost in feature request and then I get the answer here from a helpful user. Thanks Mike

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I think that preventing or even defining what is a repeated track is quite difficult.

  1. Is it ok to repeat different mixes of the same track?
  2. Is it ok to repeat the movement of a symphony by the same composer but recorded by different orchestras?
  3. Is it ok to repeat jazz covers by different artists?

When I look at my library I see that in many pop/rock related genres roon has not identified songs at the track level (even if identified at the album level). If I am shuffling a number of albums at different resolutions and/or there are several compilations or box-sets in the shuffle then I am not sure I understand how roon even knows that many of the unidentified tracks are duplicates.

So the details of this do seem to be non-trivial so I guess this is why it is a feature request.

Mike, often I go to tracks and shuffle my entire library(6000+ tracks). Is it your belief that all 6000 tracks will be played and none repeated as long as the Queue Loop is off? The reason I ask is when you do this and go to queue it shows just one track queued. Do you know?

Don’t know about the way you are doing it. I have not tried to play from the tracks screen.

I queue up numerous albums then go to queue and turn on shuffle there before starting playback. The only times I’ve had dups was because I had accidentally enabled the loop feature.

When playing single albums I sometimes use the shuffle in play actions.

Is it possible you have duplicate tracks in different album?

Take a look in Settings - Play Actions to see if there might be something in there.