Shuffling a Focus: What happens?

I’m wondering if someone can point me to where Shuffle is explained in detail? I work from home and enjoy listening to a mix of most of my music all day. I created a ‘Focus’ based on genre, excluding holiday music and my bootlegs and saved it. seems to work well, however I’m curious if what winds up in the queue has any impact on what is selected to play and what is not selected to play.

Is upcoming track selection based on what has been previously played in any way, or is it truly random? Stuff played winds up in the queue. Is that stuff in the queue taken out of contention of being played / is selection of upcoming songs based on what was previously played?

Thanks for everyone’s help!

Shuffle - shuffle plays your selection. In the case of a focus, it will shuffle everything in the focus and then keep repeating. I do think it plays everything in the focus before repeating, but, I am not sure. It certainly does when I set a focus on 1 album and test it.

thank you for the prompt response -!
I’d be interested to find out what the behavior is when there’s like 150K of songs in the focus - I understand that there probably wouldn’t be any repeats, but I’m curious if there is any weighing based on whats been played, genre, etc or is it really truly random?
thanks again!

It’s random.

great - thank you Mike

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I do something similar, but I add a focus on Play Count to include Played All Time, then I reverse it so the focus only shows tracks that have never been played. That way, my bookmark never repeats songs. Problem is, I’d like to be able to edit Play Counts so I can essentially reset my bookmark once the majority of my tracks have been played once. Alternatively, I’d like to be able to focus in more detail on Play Counts. For instance, in JRiver or MediaMonkey I can set a playlist to include a Play Count of 1, 2 or any number I like. I wish Roon would do that.

i have a follow up question on this - It’s been determined that the shuffle is random, (thanks Mike) but what is it shuffling randomly on? What I mean is, if I have a focus set based on genre is it shuffling between genres, albums within the genre, or at is it at the song level…

so for example, two scenarios:
suppose i set up a focus based on 2 genres - Rock and Kazoo music. Within the Rock genre I have 1000 albums- in Kazoo music I have 1 album - will I typically get a lot more rock songs because there’s more albums in there, or is it shuffling just based on the genre so over time would one expect about 50/50 between the two genres?

suppose i set up a focus based on 2 genres - Rock and Kazoo music. in Rock I have 10 albums each with 10 songs. in Kazoo music I have only 1 album, but it happens to be the worlds biggest Kazoo box set that has 100 albums with 50 songs on each record - what would one expect here?

  • if its shuffling at the genre level, I’d think over time, we’d here 50/ 50 from each genre
  • if its shuffling at the album level, I’d imagine I’d hear more rock songs because there are more rock albums
  • if its shuffling at the song level, I’d imagine I’d hear more Kazoo jams because there are more of them

what I’m trying to understand is, if there is a way to shuffle at the song level, with a selection or focus based on genre - or is it doing that now? thanks again !

My understanding is that it’s tracks all the way down.

Using focus, you have filtered your library to be a set of tracks corresponding to whatever selection method - album, artist, genre, etc. - you used. Shuffle now takes these tracks and randomly, without repeating, plays them - without regard to how you produced that list.

In your last example, you would get more Kazoo jams.

Thanks Brian - I hope it works that way!