Shuffling in Roon

Alright guys, ladies and gents.
I think we all know why I’m writing this.

Roon has an awful method of shuffling playlist music and it makes me wish for Tidal.
See, in Tidal you simply toggle the shuffle button and every time you play anything in your playlist it shuffles the entire playlist and it’s different each and every time, this makes sense.
Roon, on the other hand, plays from where you selected in the playlist down (While this isn’t awful, what is awful is that if you play a song near the bottom of the playlist it only plays until the bottom and then stops with no toggle to have repeat play, why even?) and even if you have shuffle selected it doesn’t actually shuffle anything, it only shuffles when you play the entire playlist as a queue after your currently selected song or as a start item.

Why is this a thing in Roon?
Please just give us a toggle shuffle button and be done with it, none of this backwards only shuffle when you select the entire playlist as either a start or queued item.

Other than this problem, I love Roon, it beats out everything else.



My biggest gripe with Roon is it’s shuffle functionality…or lack thereof would be more accurate.

And their complete refusal to even consider any changes to it.

Numerous requests dating back years and it’s still painful!

Yeah, I get that.
Only been with Roon a short time and it’s inconvenient enough that I’m considering just using EqAPO for the convolution filter and either Tidal or a different service.
Roon is great, but goddamn it has the single worst shuffle functionality I’ve ever seen. Even WinAMP is better these days.

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