Shutdown NAS and Roon Core Crashes

My Mac Mini with Roon (core) has connections to my NAS where my music files are, one local drive, and of course Tidal.

If I should down the NAS while playing a tune from Tidal, I got a full crash of Roon core. Maybe this is a known issue, if not I can try and reproduce it again tomorrow. I was able to restart Roon and able to play music with the NAS offline.

I tried this a few more times today, not reproducible.

I am back! So tonight, similar scenario. NAS has main library, also have Tidal.

Shutdown the NAS. All good, playing Tidal, however shortly after NAS shutdown, Roon Core crashed on the Mac Mini.


Can provide Roon logs or can send the Mac error log if desired the next time it happens.

It is a combination of primary library on NAS. Shutting down NAS and playing music via Tidal.

And of course controlling Roon from a second installation on Macbook Pro.

Hello @bplexico, we would like to see your logs. Check PM for more instructions.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hey Barr,

I think this issue must be fixed, can you please confirm that you aren’t crashing?


@vova - I will test and verify this today.