Shutting down an endpoints stops Roon from playing

Hello, all,

I’m a new Roon licensee and am enjoying exploring Room immensely.

I have the Roon core installed on a Mac Mini that is the music server for my stereo system. I also have an iMac bridged to the core in two ways, used one at a time—via a Roon Bridge and via the Roon app running strictly as an endpoint. If I have the iMac grouped with the Mac Mini so that music is being played simultaneously through my main system and from the iMac, then if I log out of my iMac account (or shut the iMac down), the Roon core stops playing altogether. I would have thought that the music would continue to play through my Mac Mini and main system since I only closed an endpoint and didn’t touch the Roon app on my Mac Mini that directly controls the core.

This is a minor inconvenience, something I can easily live with. Still I am curious about use cases where this behavior does make sense or about technical reasons why this logic is necessary…if anyone can shed some light.


This is expected behaviour since the endpoint is a grouped zone. If you decide to stop listening on the iMac either ungroup the zones or transfer to another zone.